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  • Beatle --- Love the band! Yes, I pay attention to how they sound. I have a low brass (Tuba) background, so I hear a lot of things that normal folks won't. Sunday the issues I noticed were so out of the norm for your group that it caught me off guard. I am confident ya'll will get it straight and be top notch Wednesday night. I have spoken to the former director several times to compliment the sound you all make and will make sure to do so in the future. Keep playing and working hard. Music, be it orchestral or vocal, is a life long hobby / passion! At 60 I am still singing and playing! Best to you and the rest of the PB.
    I worked at music hall in ISU, recording student and faculty recitals. Pretty sweet job. Got paid to study while listening to classical music in a booth upstairs. Spent 30 minutes -1 hr after the show editing and than go home. Also after I had worked there for a while got a key to the booth which I could use as my own personal study room (with great sound equipment) while on campus.
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