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    Ok I have to say it.

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    Wendy Wintersteen & Jamie Pollard Address the Fans

    Have so many of you never experienced legal speak and coach speak before? This video wasn’t necessary per se, but a solid decision nonetheless - calm, collected. He’s not out there desperately tweeting ISU’s resumé like other Big 12 members because he doesn’t need to. He pays lip service to...
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    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    That patented Coach Hines high kick may boot us all the way to DIII. Grinnell, we're comin' for you!
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    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    On the optimistic side that the Big 12 holds strong, poaches from other conferences, and throws the horns down as they let these clowns crawl to the SEC, the grant of rights tied up through 2024 season is one of the things that prevent OU and UT from leaving for a few more years. When do...
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    Hunter Deyo commits

    I see the mullet game is strong once again in youths today.
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    Info: Has anybody had any ad problems lately? I think we got it solved

    Heh, well ads get served based on user activity. Not only browser history itself, but purchase history of various accounts synced on your device, chat history from various apps, even topics you’ve spoken about on video/phone calls. Have you been watching JAG reruns lately?
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    No More Horns Down

    Cyclone Fanatic Shop - Horns Down Tee May I even recommend a half dozen extra for the friends and fam?
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    No More Horns Down

    My (at the time) 6-year-old son attended that Assalley game-winner FG game in JTS with me in 2019. That was of course the season where the league started to notably crack down on opposing team members throwing the Horns Down (poor Tom's feelings). It was just the two of us that night; the rest...
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    No More Horns Down

    A humble request for a horns down message board emoji, @JStanz51?
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    No More Horns Down

    'Nuff said.
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    ISU MBB Twitter

    FWIW, Prohm and Otz are only 3 years apart, they would have been attending high school and college at the same times. It’s just a difference in personality.
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    Biz Markie in poor health

    Too many MCs lost this year, gahdamn. Shock G, DMX, Gift of Gab, and now BIz.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

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    Team USA basketball

    Key clarification: was the best player in the world. A national Olympic team needs players ready to play every day. The only necessary improvement to this US team would be the addition of Haliburton, the true ROY.