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  • Agreed. I have heard from couple alumni that lee's arm is not close to making the throws. I would guess that he will be given light workouts and yet prime to roll by Big 12 conference. Until then, it may be like JT Tiller at the helm in Lincoln.
    I don't think there is any doubt that OU and TX are the top 2 programs of the decade. It's not even close. However, I don't see the skers as the next team in terms of performance across the decade. I must discount the success early in the decade as I am jaded by their undeserved appearance in the National Title game in a year they didn't even win the North title. I think K State and TT both had better decades, but I know that I am biased against the skers. And I am getting older and don't remember what happened 10 years ago. :smile:

    In reality I think it is a pretty fair critic of the overall success of the program historically that they had their worst decade since the 50s and they still are top 5 in the conference. Now if only all your fellow skers would realize that what has happened in the past has no bearing on what will happen in the future.
    you guys are lucky playing your first game on a Thursday night. I have to wait almost a full 48 yours from your kickoff Thursday night until Nebraska's first game..ugh.
    I think I may have just expected something different than I got?? I think I got a pretty basic one, too, so that probably wasn't the way to start. I can't imagine how tough the dough around the outside would be (I can't cook!), so the casserole seems a lot better idea to me!!

    Ooh, Valentinos. I don't make it up there often enough, but their creamy Italian dressing is reason enough to go there - never mind that their pizza is awesome. Their pizza buffet puts Pizza Ranch to shame.
    Sadly, you're right. People truly can't have this conversation without making it political!!

    Thanks for trying to keep the darned thing on track!! :smile:
    I was thinking the same thing... However, remember when 106.3 the beat changed formats on April Fools day, and everyone thought it was a joke then? I don't know I hope you're right...they were a great show!!
    I would love to know! My insider at CC got out of the business in 2007, your guess is as good as mine.
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