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  • It's ALWAYS cool to run into fellow ISU folks isn't it?? The reason I asked about if you were from CO Springs area is the "Front Range" nicky reminds me of an acquaintance from the old days that works at the Vet Clinic in Monument. So, when I saw your username I thought, aw, that can't be "so and so"...

    one of them deals.....

    Any ways, thanks for getting back!

    Yo Frontrange, are you going to be at the game next Tuesday? There is a pregame get together at the bar across the street. Let me know if you need any info.
    Meh, F*ck them. They can jump on me all they want, but their 1950s social views and 1980s world views are dead. Let 'em rot.

    As for the Nebraska-Punching, I'm thinking I'd just line 'em all up really close together single-file. I'll punch the person in the front of the line as hard as I can, while simultaneously you punch the person at the end as hard as you can in the back of his/her head, and we'll let the domino (dumbino?) effect work its magic.
    I like the way you think. :) It just makes sense to relax after a long day, right? :yes: I just love Jenny Lewis' voice!
    cool! will be good to have some fellow Clonies in the house! Excessive? no way, you're on a working vacation, indulge!
    Awesome. :) I'll let you know if I find anyone to go with me - I'll be there if someone will!! Is it excessive to go see them twice in one week? :wink:
    Angie- I'll be there... got my tickets weeks ago, they were pretty reasonably priced as well, esp. compared to the big shows at Red Rocks and the Pepsi Center. I'm anxious to hear their lead singer's voice live... she's pretty good...
    I am REALLY tempted to order those Rilo Kiley tickets... I'm trying to talk a couple of coworkers into going with me. Is that the one you're hitting?
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