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    ISU vet offers to give away his business to attract new vet

    Faribault County is a long ways from Faribault in many ways. I find it surprising a county with strong ag does not have other vet options, but southern Minnesota is all about crops and little for livestock.
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    Eastern Iowa Beer Tiers

    I’ll simply add commentary to those I’ve been to: Lion’s Bridge: great location and patio; beer borders on fine-to-good Pulpit: the most exploratory beers in Iowa and a dive feel — my favorite Iowa Brewing: a place that serves their own beer and is near me TG: love the beer, the new spot is...
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    Jake Knott interview on WRNL podcast

    The DOD and NCAA launched a project in 2014 to study concussions. Their efforts include establishing a baseline and visible symptoms for concussion injuries.
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    Women's College World Series

    The sport has very little parity so I love it.
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    Women's College World Series

    Worth mentioning that Pat Murphy is tremendous coach with deep Iowa roots. He recruited many top Iowa players who follow his program long after choosing other programs.
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    Jalen Suggs

    Same thread among Gophers. Different coach, they land him too. He is at an elite program and will be a lottery pick next year.
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    Bike trainer recommendations

    Mine is similar age without Bluetooth. I recently added the Kinetic Bluetooth component for $50 to modernize it. Makes it even more fun. I have Zwift but have yet to use it. A few friends used it over the weekend according to Strava.
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    Bike trainer recommendations

    Kinetic builds the best fluid and Bluetooth trainer on the market for $299. I use ours 3x/week and switch bikes between my wife and me regularly.
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    Black and White end zones and logo for Saturday at Jack Trice!

    Totally believable and not made up. Sure hope he didn’t offer a condescending glance or smirk in the process.
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    Pollard Details Recommended Cuts

    Yes, but that's sort a Utopian view of philanthropy- it doesn't work like that, especially in the current environment. Heck, the old 80/20 adage where 80% of your fundraising dollars come from 20% of your donor base is being challenged. It's closer to 90/10 with fewer low to mid-level donors.
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    Fat Stanley without Doyle

    I’m not sure a measuring contest on draft picks is a good idea for football, like it’s not for Iowa for basketball. But I am happy to dig in if football’s your preferred sport. And baseball over the past two decades.
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    University of Iowa Athletic Dept.

    They do not need to spend each dollar that comes in. Iowa Athletics has transferred roughly $7 million the past few years to the general University budget due to pressure that athletics is the golden child. Alabama, LSU, and Wisconsin have also done this recently. Lead gifts from donors to...
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    Brock Purdy is the most clutch player in the state of Iowa's history

    I’d take Andy Brodell over Purdy.
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    Ray Lima Retires

    Another Cyclone going pro in something other than sports.
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    FB roster update

    Going pro in something other than sports?