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    Sporting news disses Texas

    Actually they are great at sports, just not usually football. Didn't they win that all around award this year or last?
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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    I wouldn't care as long as ISU came down here and kicked the Devils ass once in a while!
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    Housing market

    The only thing more frustrating to me right now than the B12 going to hell is the housing market already being there. Unless I can fork over half a mil, I'm outta luck in AZ. This can't work well long term.
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    Big 12 Send Cease and Desist to ESPN

    **** that weasly little SEC homer... Who knew that stanky Bama qb would end up being the target of my venom today. I feel better already. Oh, and how much more wrong could he be? Get em Blum.
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    Jack Trice Stadium -- largest in Big 12

    I have lots of comparisons running through my head and I don't think any of them are still PC... Sufficed to say, this is not impressive or helpful.
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    Big 12 Send Cease and Desist to ESPN

    Just fyi, this letter is a standard 'response' that may or may not accomplish a damn thing. It sounds good to us because it says what we want to, which it, "you screwed us to poop on you!" Unfortunately, a court may also say, "Yes, sort of, but get over it and get to moving along, you've got a...
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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    I'd rather stay where we are and forget all of this but yes, B16 would be good. But that scheme still royally ***** 4 schools, which aint right. **** you, ESPN.
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    Did ok & tex violate big12 bylaws

    Our greatest savings would be if all of those in a situation similar to us got together to make sure the blue bloods didn't stab us all in the collective back. Those in the SEC shouldn't assume they are safe.
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    Did ok & tex violate big12 bylaws

    One could argue any action on the part of the remaining 8 is to mitigate damage, which if often a requirement actually. So, we could be scot free on that particular rule, and in fact required to try and help ourselves.
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    Which Would You Choose? (Brand Names)

    I've never wanted to pay the bill for any, but in all my used car shopping, Lexus is the best regarded and highest resale.
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    Perspective from the Big Ten and some much needed clarifications

    So my new perfect scenario is B16 kicks out Knebraska, takes ISU as an actual AAU member and a better sports program, and infinitely less annoying fans. Plus they don't have to split their cash any more! Win Win cause if we can't **** Texas, lets **** Nebbie! :D
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    What can we as fans do?

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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC Speaking of random people saying silly things. This guy thinks the AAC wants everyone, worse he thinks some might think its great! At least...
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    PODCAST: Perspective on this morning's news, where things might be heading

    Well, not as much as you'd like to think. Your wife is Texas in this game ;)
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    Wendy Wintersteen & Jamie Pollard Address the Fans

    I hope that's right but I see it starting to harm things tomorrow, if not by this afternoon. Everything CMC has done is now leaning over and some kids won't want to wait and see.