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    What are your favorite "Iowa" sayings...

    Nothing to do with Iowa, but I have a favorite statement of vindication and defiance. Here I mother ******* stand.
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    Friday OT #1 - Getting Busy In the Kitchen

    The brisket from Flying Mango. With blacks beans and rice and cornbread. They call it cornbread but it's like none I've ever had before. With whipped honey butter.
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    The Other Place (in Ames) is closed

    At least 25 years ago and it was still Kentucky Fried Chicken. Merle Hay location. Piece order of combined family wants. Ordered an odd number of legs as well as breasts. The cashier refused the breast order with an odd number. After I finally concluded she was serious I asked why and she said...
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    Does anyone meal prep?

    Every Sunday. Start with frying up a pound and a half of thick cut bacon. Sandwich toppers, bacon bits for salad, stand alone (esp breakfast). During the summer I grill up about 3 dozen wings each week, and then will smoke/grill other choices. In the winter crock pot soups, pasta dishes...
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    Friday OT #3 - I Got A Little Change In My Pocket...

    The 45 of Rockin' Robin by Michael Jackson. Scored it at downtown Younkers.
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    Friday OT #1 - I'm Rated R, This Is a Warning

    The bad news for you Angie is he considers those lips to be pouting sensually...
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    RECRUITING: Sterling Galban commits

    Oh yeah..... Selective memory. Still, pretty damned good in the grand scheme.
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    RECRUITING: Sterling Galban commits

    I'm sure it will be a battle, but IIRC Campbell held onto his early commits pretty well last year didn't he? The only big name that I remember playing us was Hafiz - and we know much more about that story now. I really think this staff does go character first and for the most part these guys...
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    RECRUITING: Darius McNeill requests release from ISU

    Well hell. I was hopeful for that kid.
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    RECRUITING: Trevor Downing commits

    I never do, but particularly in this case I don't give a **** what the Hawks think. I'm pumped for Downing and ISU. Welcome to Cyclone Nation!!!!!
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    Coffee Pot Help ASAP

    Unless you're going to flat guzzle the pot, pause and serve is pretty amazing.
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    Lil Ferentz takes digs at ISU

    Wow. You took the time to sign up under a purposefully insulting handle - just to share tht little nugget of wisdom?!? That's frigging pathetic. That you lil Kirk???
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    LLC creation

    There's some truth to what you're saying. When I practiced I chose not to do it on the advice of my liability insurance firm. Nonetheless, when I was approached, I gave the clients two options. Go to an attorney (I referred one) or do it yourself. But then bring it back to me to make sure...
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    LLC creation

    Very easy to setup online. More difficult to determine how you want to be taxed. I'd recommend a CPA rather than an attorney. Some will actually file it for you. Iirc @isufbcurt does it.
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    Friday OT #3 - Skilled Shot

    I'd like to be able to unsnap a bra by looking at it like Joey can.