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  • Thanks for the rep, but it's true. Brugger's and Starbucks have done that side of town no favors!
    That's nice to know, sometime I can get on tangents. I wouldn't want to ruin CF for anyone.
    DJ - you actually saw a game in the ole Clyde Williams stadium ?? I bow down - I'm not worthy!!!

    I first arrived at ISU in '75 - not quite a good football season, but by the next year, man-o-man. Our '76 team was ranked as the #3 offense in the nation thanks to a dual QB tandem of Hardeman and Stanley (and everybody was worried about AA and Bates - ha). You mentioned Luther Blue, In the game vs Nebraska that year, he returned a kick off 95 yards for a TD to secure our win. Looking back, I really feel the '76 team could be argued as the best ISU team ever, even though they had an 8-3 record (with the win over #9 Neb) and no bowl invite that year!!

    Sorry, I don't recall your brother, but we had some big engineering classes back then. Thanks for your comment
    I hope you're feeling better!?! Hopefully it was nothing too serious!! I caught a case of the flu on the way home from Vegas - all of those people in one place who had just debauched themselves didn't help me out. ;)
    I feel the exact same way about you - you're amazing!! Definitely - I won't make it tonight, but hopefully the rest of this season!
    I really enjoy your posts - and I suspect very much that you are right, that we more than likely are incredibly similar in those regards!! And I wish I could give you even more rep for that last part!! :wink:
    Thanks....the lack of love for Lolo (compared to SJ) in this market is troubling. Gymnastics is peppered with gnomes and mites.
    Lolo is a goddess.
    I would have gived you Lolo rep...but the system won't let me for some reason.
    Sounds good to me. Just shoot me a message as it gets closer to Sunday. Anytime before noon will work for me on Sunday.

    Hey Curtis,

    I'm expecting to free up a bit by 7/31 and hope I can get back on a more regular schedule. Any chance you want to run Sunday morning?

    That doesn't surprise me that there isn't much good debate on there. It's been ROUGH around here lately - tensions are running high, and I think everyone is much quicker to jump on each other. I am the same way - I have this running in the background WAY too much!! ;)
    Thanks for accepting! :) Thanks so much - the mods keep teasing each other and giving each other new nicknames/avatars. Someone called me "Bubbles" and gave me this one - it just so happened to be one I actually LIKED!! Worked out in my favor! ;)
    Just let me know ig you get time. I ran on the treadmill last night so it's not a problem.
    We usually get 35-40 MPG in the Camry. We also do most of our driving in town and can run the car mainly off the battery. The MPG is better in town than on the highway where it mainly uses the 4 cylinder engine.

    The guys at Toyota in DSM were great and didn't pressure us at all. We initially looked in March of last year but didn't pull the trigger until late August. Our sales rep was Ryan McClanahan who came reccomended from a coworker of mine.

    Also consider the federal and state tax credits for buying a hybrid. The federal credit expired late last year for the Camry but the state one still is in place. We got $670 credit from the feds and $2000 from the state for buying the hybrid. In the end the hybrid was about $2000 more than a similarly equipped Camry, but the tax credits and gas saved will make that up pretty quickly.
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