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    Trent Condon

    I used to listen to that show, but now only tune in on Wednesdays when they have David Kaplan on for Chicago sports stuff.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I am here for Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher. Love that dude!
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    I Lost at the Spelling Be

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    Best Breakfast in Central Iowa

    Thats fair, I guess the few times I have went it was really good
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    Best Breakfast in Central Iowa

    Railroad Bill's is an underrated place I never hear people talk about. Good stuff
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    MLB: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    All time fleecing by my boy Bonilla. Still giggle every year
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    What Chore Do You Refuse To Do?

    I am extremely lucky in my marriage that I enjoy doing the cooking/dishes and my wife enjoys cleaning. We both hate putting away laundry though. So we usually help each other there
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    Many Saints of Newark Trailer

    I love the fact that James Gandolfini's real life son will play a young version of him as Tony. Gonna be awesome!
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    These are my exact feelings as well
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    Regional Grocery Items You Want But Can't Get

    I ship JP Graziano's Giardeniara to my house from Chicago. Definitely worth it
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    Thamel: The lean towards a 12-team playoff

    I am good with any situation that gives the group of 5 a chance. It is ridiculous that the FBS is literally the only NCAA sport where half of the teams have ZERO shot of playing for a title. 8/12 anything is better than 4. Plus this will open up the playoffs to other parts of the country...
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    Costco Packaging

    1000 times this. I understand the initial reasoning around the deposit, but now that recycling has become more prevalent it just makes more sense to put it with other recyclables. Just an absolute hassle to take them back and now stores are pushing back on taking them anyways. Wish the...
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    UNI/IOWA Football Gametimes Announced

    Correct that hasn't been announced yet
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    Early season kickoff times predictions

    The game is on 9/11 on the 20th anniversary, and Air Force plays at Navy that day. Can't rule that out for gameday
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    Former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan dead at 37

    He was at Colorado beforehand but was a redshirt. He got in trouble then went to a Juco for a year before landing at Hawaii