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  • regarding your question about disconnect between Gridiron Club and Fanatics. One is cost...$100 for Gridiron vs. free for Fanatics. Perceived value, though it is a pretty good bargain and several events are open to the public to let them see what the club is about. Next outing is a trip to Columbia for the MU game. Sold out. Would welcome ideas to get more members. Chris W. and CycloneFantaic have been great this year in promoting the club.
    Thanks for your feedback (the only one?) on the forum regarding the Gridiron Club. I guess what puzzles me is I think of these two groups as having the same interest -ISU football, yet obviously, the Club is VERY small versus the HUGE Fanatic numbers. We are talking 800+ Club members and 100,000(?) Fanatic viewers. There seems to be a total disconnect here. WHy do you think that is?
    Thanks for the reputation comment. I'm still navigating my way around CF so I just saw this today.

    BTW, I think Steele is an awesome player and will help this team in some capacity.
    My Bad, I keep getting Valles and Deardon mixed up. I have since they both enrolled. You are correct.
    BTW- Great thread
    I just bought another copy and am going to read it again. Still looking for a reasonable priced first edition. I loan them out and give them away after I am done with them. Atlas Shrugged is such a fantastic read!
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