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    Cyclones Drafted in 2021

    Soehner seems to be the best bet for being drafted. He got a combine invite which means like 17 teams requested it or something like that. The NFL loves big blocking TE but people don't tend to realize that because they aren't the ones catching Tds. Kene's NFL role is not something teams tend...
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    Cyclones Drafted in 2021

    They said this year he is up to 245 which would put him right there with the speed rushers in the NFL maybe another 5 lbs depends if he can stand up some this year
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    Big 12 Refs

    I have recently been re-watching some games from last year. One thing I noticed again that I had forgot about is how the big 12 refs made it a point to not let ISU or any team celebrate after touchdowns in Austin. Every touchdown in that game the Ref came sprinting in and stood in front of our...
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    Jayden Nunn Decommits

    This was a decision on purpose and I fully support it. He wants his guys and not just they previous coach that dug one of the biggest holes in ISU history. For all we know he did tell him the will talk later and it wasn't soon enough for Nunn.
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    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    Just looked at this for the first time...people be crazy. People must think the players are like on a video game and always do exactly what is called no matter what...not only do I want him as OC he is the clear choice for Matt's replacement if he leaves. This is the best offense in school...
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    Watching 2019 games again

    I'm ready for football to be here, so I re-watched all of the games. Purdy might be better than I remembered. Don't get me wrong I know he has been great. I believe he is already the best QB at ISU(my opinion). His accuracy is so good. When he sets his feet and throws balanced his completion %...
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    bailey injury

    If Bailey redshirts I wouldn't be surprised to see enyi at the nose with petersen and Bailey at the DE spots
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    How did the reserve linemen do on Saturday?

    The whole second unit looked good. But at that point they were playing against sunbelt 2nd teamers so nothing to get too excited about from them or the RBs at that time. On a separate note kene hall and brock look dramatically better than corner and Lang by a long shot. Croney cannot make...
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    Josh Bailey will be pretty decent next year too. Robertson has played a lot inside as well. With lee, Bailey and robertson we will be solid. None are game changes but should be solid
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    Re Al

    A couple things here first of all at what point have you seen Purdy throw a ball that you were like man his arm strength is bad. He has a great arm and plenty strong for the NFL especially when you look at how accurate. He is one of the most accurate down field passers over the last 2 years with...
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    JAMIE POLLARD: "Bold vision" led to ambitious development propsal

    Probably go up as long as the team keeps winning games as they should
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    JAMIE POLLARD: "Bold vision" led to ambitious development propsal

    This will end up being 10 years at least right
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    JAMIE POLLARD: "Bold vision" led to ambitious development propsal

    This would be so amazing if it gets the go ahead. Such an awesome area for central iowa in general
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    Who will be the guest picker?

    Goes with the best Pro if you can...KO
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    MID-WEEK MAILBAG: Iowa State football returns, a Brock Purdy statue, & tailgate consumption limits

    This forum loves to rag on the O line. The oline was good in this game. There was about 4 bad pass blocks the entire game. The majority of the dropbacks he had tons of time. I think 1 thing people might be blaming on the oline is rpo passes. The play leaves the end unblocked. They bite on the...