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  • "Handouts" is one way to look at farm payments. My experience is these are generally offered to keep prices within a range. Think of them as a means of control over the volatile markets which then offer the US consumer the cheapest, safest, and most consistently priced food in the world. If they are a hand out, and you can make a case that they are, then I believe they are a self serving hand out by the consumer.
    I never met a producer who really wanted Uncle Sam in his bank account or in his crop rotation. But when it comes to feeding your own family, most will go with the free money and some price guarantees. Nothing is really ever a free hand out, there are always consequences and concessions.
    My original point was the free market nature of the gravel road Iowan and the similarity of the sociological nature of it's most prized Agricultural University; Iowa State. Tough, pragmatic, focused on next season, willing to risk planting a crop for a possible harvest in return.
    buddy, the difference is we are ALREADY in the least until it falls apart, or we wouldn't be getting a look either. CSU isn't in, and won't get a look either. I lived in Fort Collins for years. There is no market outside of Fort Collins.
    The heck they weren't given anything,eduction, housing and food. Is it easy being a college athlete and a full time student? No, but are you rewarded for it? yes. Don't try and tell me how difficult it is. I've been there and done that. I appreciated it then and I appreciate it now. Its unfortunate things didn't work out for these kids. But for them to revere in the misfortunes of ISU basketball, laugh about, write about and then have the gall to show up at the ISU practice facility tells me all I need to know about these kids. Its no wonder with kids like this on the team why we couldn't win.
    Sorry, I do not think KSU will trade. I also do not think Martin would fit in very well in Ames. He is way too intense for Jamie Pollard and the big money boys here in town. The players actually like the guy because he makes them better players and truly cares for them. His mouth comes straight out of Little Havana down in Miami once a game begins. He gets caught up in the game and forgets that he is coaching in the Bible belt. It is not like Martin is not trying. He has learned to dress appropriately and give a decent interview. He is growing as a coach by learning from his mistakes. In the heat of a game though his language could make a sailor blush. His voice carries very well. I would not want to take my wife or grandchildren to a game where he was coaching without being seated in the nose bleed section.
    Thanks - I'm glad others see the problems as I do. I really do like McDermott, the person, but I'm not very enthused about McDermott, the coach. I hope he proves me wrong.
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