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  • Thanks for the kind words- the truth often can make us look smarter than we really are. I don't know if that helps GMAC or not, but it is truth.
    Ah ic well lucky you! I get a few days off work since im sick. Its awesome! But I must be off. Lunch with two of the ISU gymnists :yes:
    except i found out i have bronchitis and a bad sinus infection! But i recieved meds so im happy. I have to hide my codeine cough syrup from people on my floor though! haha Well hopefully it was still quiet in hilton, or you could blame the tv! ha
    No lies, but I went to geology all three times this week! and I only skipped math once! But i did miss poli sci yesterday cause of a doctors appointment! :yes:
    I want ISU to win as bad as anybody. I just cant stomach some of the people that come on here and whine and demand a winning team without looking at the facts.
    Thanks for the comment. I just get so tired of the constant bashing on here from supposed fans! True fans stand behind the teams, coaches and AD...
    Hey Erik. What is going on with you this evening? What do you think about the Gill possibility?
    Just kiddin man. It seems I am always wrong so I just had to jump up and get on my high horse for once in my life.
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