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  • I wondered if you might like my theological analysis. Not many Christ tomb avatars on the CF site. Doubt if very many CFers even recognize it.
    Imagine that. Both ends of the spectrum represented, brought together by a mutual respect of common sense, and the understanding that we all need to work together.

    We don't have a snowball's chance in hell.
    Right on. If more people had that understanding and dropped the "us v. them" mentality, there would be a lot less trouble.

    A marriage of religion and government isn't good for either religion or government. That's how you end up with things like the Taliban.

    In the world's largest Christian nation, religion has been (for the most part) removed from government. Both are doing very well.
    You're a wise man Erik. I don't want to put words in your mouth, but my assumption is that you understand that entangling church and state is not good for church either.

    By keeping religion and government separate, you allow them to both flourish, at least that's how I see it.
    Yeah, my son has never shown a lot of interest in watching a game on tv, but he was really into it. He was screaming his little head off and jumping up and down at the end.
    Sorry I didn't get over to see you at the game- we were locked into the middle of the row, and never left our seats........what a game though!
    Thank you. I mean I totally get the whole armchair quarterback thing. I do it too, but peeps tend to get carried away an loose perspective. He gets the bucks to make those calls an I trust he made the best. (cud be doin it for alot more elsewhere by the way and dnt think anybody cud lure him with $)
    Thanks for the rep Erik. I was only able to listen on the radio, but it even sounded different. A lot of people getting touches in a short amount of time, which made me think there must have been some very crisp passes on very well planned breaks (how many times did DU score where we came right down and scored seconds later? Quick shots, but seemed like they were good, agressive, attacking shots.

    I honestly expect for us to struggle this year, but I do believe we will see effort and team basketball like we haven't seen in quite some time. For that, I am very excited.
    Isn't Wingback a UT fan? Comparing his fave school to a 5,000 lb. turd might not be to his liking. Have I got the UT fan part wrong? I could, easily.
    Hey, CyErik. I was going to equate UT to Jabba the Hutt, an overstuffed brown turd, but I didn't want to alienate that guy, Wingback. I was hoping for a reply from him. He didn't, though. Rats ;-)
    I agree. I was with him up til the latest defections. At some point you can't blame the kids for leaving. The common denominator is the coaching staff. If you can't keep players around, it's really hard to win, no matter how nice a guy you are, or how good of an Xs and Os guy you are.
    Thank you sir. I really dont want GMAC as the coach, but complaining about this is like complaining about the portion size of your crap sandwhich.
    Thanks, he kind of walked right into that one! chuckle! and it was my 1000th post!
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