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  • How are you doing, cy bobby. I made recovery from a variety of medical problems.Missed the site for months. W
    This game had more terror plays than a horror show. The last five minutes was the most inept sequence in the history of ISU football and that is saying a lot. We just look stupid today.
    I was very surprised at Drake and Creighton. For me, the MVC has been impressive. Have a Happy New Years Bobby.
    Yup - he was a straight-on kicker, and it was into the south goal posts! Do you think that 63-ydr is still a Jack Trice record?
    ISU fans need to remember that Fred Hoiberg has never been a head coach before at any level. He will make mistakes and get taken out behind the woodshed by successful, experienced coaches. What makes Fred a winner is that he learns from his experiences.
    No lie about the age thing . . . I enjoy the debate . . . it has been kind of boring around the site for a few weeks. Things should pick up soon. I will check in with KXNO to see if any "indirect" comment is made about out thread. Anyway . . take care and remember it is all in fun.
    Do not ever send me a PM or rep message again. This is your only warning. I will report you if I get another one.
    Moved to Bellevue first actually. I only moved to Crescent after a year in Greece.
    The KU J Hawks thought they were going ll the way. Now the VCY Nododies burts their bubble. The tulip bulb trade has collapsed.

    Really, if Bill had recruited HB, they would have won yesterday. They had no legs left and their bench did not help them. The best passing team was VCU. Rodriquez ran rings around their guards.
    FH - I am excited to try something different. LE had a "speech proliferation", Wayne was nice guy to players, McD was a CEO, time for an aggressive executive from the pros to give it a shot to recruit players. if we get the players, we can be good. I think it is a huge upgrade as McDs best season was his first with little hope for the future with all the people leaving. If players leave, it must be corrected.
    You still out there? Real crusher to hear about Ham. I had high hopes for him.
    Hell yeah I am ready man!! The cards gotta put somethin together this year. Last year was sooooo disappointing of a finish

    I'm going to post (have been posting) Fire Pollard after every notable acheivement by the Cyclones until the idiot Pollard haters come on here and publicly apologize to the man.
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