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  • Were you still looking for UNI tickets
    Possibly. Checking schedules with my family. If you have a firm bid elsewhere please move forward. I would like to, but am moving two daughters back to two different universities and changing jobs myself so a bit up in the air for another couple of weeks.
    Got 2 in lower level section 30..row 23, about 25 yd line
    OK. How do I connect with you to collect? I live in Johnston but have a Minneapolis cell 612-202-9238
    Just text you. 7127890428. I'll be in des Moines tonight and Ames in morning
    Jeff, I read the posts on the CF web site,
    Is Hoiberg leaving or is he staying?
    What is your take on the situation?
    EB. Wasn't my daughter. Mine are only 10 & 11 (12 next week). Possibly my niece (Chris and Julie's daughter). I still live in Johnston. I don't know Phil.
    Jeff, I saw your daughter's picture for going to Prom. Are you still in Des Monies or have you moved up North yet?

    Have you met a guy named Phil Ernst at work?

    are you interested in the Michigan game? I have 2 tix that the guy wants $10 for the two of them. They are the lower leve behind the gals bench about 10 rows up.
    Let me know and if not I will keep you in mind for future games.
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