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  • Pasadena, TCU star Mickey McCarty dies | College Sports | - Houston Chronicle
    Still Mac's fault? I would say so. CC may have had an attitude problem but when GMAC suspended him and per his own admission went against his own morals to lift it.... That only makes the problem worse in the end. Oh well... just glad GMAC is gone and Fred is the coach now. He will do wonders for this program.
    I don't think the comparison of McD to Johnny is fair. ISU basketball was in a deep hole when Johnny took over, and it was still an era when the "haves" like UCLA & North Carolina had big advantages over the have-nots. Nowadays, you can see a team like Butler scrap & fight all the way to the NCAA Finals.

    Plus, No matter how badly Johnny's record sucked, at least he managed to create "Hilton Magic". GMac came into a program where most of the hard work had already been done for him, but Johnny had to build it all from scratch.

    All in all, you make a good point with the comparison, but I think there are enough minor differences that we shouldn't start trumpeting GMac as "the new Orr".
    Trust me I have never "checked out" of a single ISU game my entire life. You have your opinion of how those games finished and I have mine. Having played college sports and coached for a couple of years during grad school I think I am a pretty good reader of body language. In all due respect there are tons of things you don't see during TV time outs when you are in North Dakota that us sitting 30 feet from the bench can.
    Yeah... I couldn't really help myself with some of the posts in that thread about what Justin Hamilton's dad had said. Interesting how snowcraig was getting hammered on by the "insiders club" for sharing the truth with the rest of us. I guess they don't really want us to know what is going on with the program after all. :wink:
    Give me one positive aspect on the court, GMAC has brought to ISU basketball? I could go off and give you this stat and the other like you but his record speaks for himself.....pathetic.
    also, itd only be 3 seasons not counted in what i said in that post (80-81, 81-82, 82-83). All 3 of those years show progress towards a winning record.
    no, quite frankly its not fair to considering what he was building up from. Its like with dan mccarney, its not fair to consider his first seasons in his overall record considering he built that program up from rock bottom as well.
    Hey Coach - I know the kid was not D-1 material but perception is important. You now have multiple stories in the press regarding WJ and now this story - even though it was a walk on - gives other a chance to point this out to potential recruits. Just like when CPR was being interviewed and he said a recruit that didn't know anything about ISU googled us he found the Neb video - works the same with these stories except it puts us in a bad light.
    I was joking about Tags. He came in as a potential offense guy and he left town in de3fense to go to memphis when McD arrived. I could haver made it much clearer.
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