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    53 Year old Tony Hawk at The Olympics

    Getting older all the time…
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    MLB: So, the “Cleveland Guardians”…

    The butt hurt over this is hilarious. Baseball ain’t dying either boys.
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    Dune Trailer 2

    Yeah I agree on Martin. He can’t untie his knot. It’s a joke that he claims to be getting close every year. If you can’t write a book in a decade, you aren’t really trying or are simply unable. I don’t know what the hell happened to Rothfuss. It’s not like he is famous and wealthy like Martin...
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    Dune Trailer 2

    Greatness is always rare, by definition. That’s why I went with good as my criteria. But in my opinion if there is one medium that has an almost inexhaustible supply of good material, it’s fiction books. I’ll give an example - Tolkien is revered as the father of the fantasy genre, and for good...
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    Dune Trailer 2

    I was thinking of Martin and Rothfuss. Great series, but neither will be finished. But I’m sure there are a few more like them.
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    Dune Trailer 2

    If you like Sanderson, I’d recommend Joe Abercrombie. First Law series and follow ons specifically. My favorite fantasy author, and simply one of the best character writers, period. Great stuff. I’ve got loads of science fiction recommendations too if you would like. I won’t recommend two other...
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    Dune Trailer 2

    Honestly, if there is one thing the world is flush with, it’s good fiction books. So many great series are out there! I was a kid when I read Dune, definitely time for a re read.
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    Has your employer been acquired?

    Yep. 13 years ago. It ended up being the best thing that happened to my career. it worked out great. Ironically, myself and a couple others I know did not even have a chance to be hired by our new company out of college, because they only took people with Masters degrees. Working for a smaller...
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    Hunter Deyo commits

    Is Deyo set to remain at DL or is he considered an OL?
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    Possible mass shooting at MLB All-Star Game stopped

    It seems they were all charged with having weapons as a previous offender (it’s in the article). Likely criminals who lost their gun rights and likely not registered weapons.
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    Possible mass shooting at MLB All-Star Game stopped

    Thank god these people are too stupid to hide their weapon and ammo stockpiles or put up the Do not Disturb sign.
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    Bring Back All-Time Great for 2021, Who We Adding?

    Yeah, the more I think about it you are right. He was the most dominant OL I’ve seen at ISU and would be a huge difference maker.
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    Bring Back All-Time Great for 2021, Who We Adding?

    Lazard. And who is our all time best kicker?
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    Anyone Here Successfully Quit Drinking Soda?

    Yep. I’m my 20s I did. Switched to ice tea. And coffee in the morning. Dropped 15 lbs in a month. Pop is gross. The stuff is poison if you drink a lot of it. Edit, I still love a good Fresca here and there.
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    Things to do in Keystone/Breckenridge, Colorado?

    Stop by the Green Dragon in Breckinridge.