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  • 3) started moving. Not a lot but something. I have a Fitbit so that reminds me to get up and walk throughout the day. I still have another 27-30 to lose but well on my way. Good Luck!
    2) I live in Ames and Mary Greeley Medical Center offers a 1 year long Diabetes/weight loss education program that I enrolled in. It is mostly covered by insurance. It starts out weekly, moves to twice a month and then ends at once a month meetings. If you live in Ames or can get to their classes, get ahold of Liz Birkelund at MGMC.
    Dude, been there! Started out just under 270 late last February and am now down 48 pounds. The three most important things I did. 1) I started tracking my food on MyFitnessPal. I limited myself to 350-450 calories for each lunch and breakfast. Had a granola bar or some popcorn in the afternoon for snack and was tight about dinners. Tried keeping my total calories under 2000 for the day with lots of water.
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