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  • I haven't been in the CF forums for a long time and haven't been in the Cave probably since the 2016 election I think. Today I waded in while on a listen only conference call. Wow. Just wow.
    I have just spent a week banned, and I cannot figure out why. If I cannot figure out why it is hard to go on here. It said for violation of Cave rules. None of my posts were deleted, so I guess I am just a bit confused. I ask you because you were the first moderator I encountered after I decided to pose this question.
    Requesting my name please be changed to Voltan at yours or any mods convenience. Thx in advance for your consideration
    Thanks for posting about Cybookie in that thread. You guys do a ton of work.
    I just wanted to say I appreciate everything you do for CycloneFanatic with the Cybookie Events.

    can we set up a draft day pickem? so many for being correct and then x amount for the over all winner. Only the first dound
    Brian, you are a legend of Cyclonefanatic. Thanks for your Cybookie events.:notworthy: They help feed my addiction.:wink:
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