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    Grills: Weber vs Napoleon

    23 years and counting on my Weber. Replaced grates, burners, igniter, and bars a few times. Fully expect at least another ten but at some point I’ll likely just replace just for the heck of it as WiFi and some other newer features might be fun.
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    Prohm Defenders

    Nailed it. He has yet to show improvement in his players and definitely no overall team improvement nor pre-game planning or in-game adjustments. I sometimes wonder what he’s doing in practice... seriously what’s being practiced to see such disorder and lack of change. He’s done well in...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Iowa Game(Day) Thread ***

    Agree. I think we have some talent. Larry got the most out his players. He’d have this team working their butts off and functioning as a team. I ultimately feel bad for the ISU players.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Iowa Game(Day) Thread ***

    CSP is awful at enabling toughness. Some players just have it so hoping Harris rubs off. I’ve seen close to nothing where CSP makes his players better.
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    Retirement Targets

    Excellent post. I’m taking early.
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    Retirement Targets

    3 million is the target plus assume a little from SS (not depending on it) plus a significantly reduced pension due to early retirement. I estimate my age to hit this is around 50-52. May work a few years more but will have the retirement card when/if needed. My wife may work part time a...
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    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Loved this movie. It’s so complex and interwoven from scene to scene as well as outside references. Each scene of the movie is almost a stand-alone skit as well.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Conditt made 2 nice plays... so glad Coach sat him on the bench immediately afterwards.
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    Prohm is not the right coach for ISU and the sooner he is gone the better. It’s pretty simple.
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    Man, the 2020 tailgate tour will be SO much fun for Steve Prohm...

    At the Waterloo event almost no one was talking to CSP last year but CMC had a huge line. CSP needs to be let go, sooner the better. For those that don’t see that you will in 1 to 2 more years. Most see it already. It’s not about being a good or bad fan, it’s about early recognition of...
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    *** Official Texas Tech Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Steve has ruined our program. Need to fire him now, Let the fallout occur quickly versus dragging this out over the next 3-4 years.
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    *** Official Texas Tech Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Pollard... please fire this coach immediately. Just plain terrible. Feel bad for our kids that we have a clueless coach.
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    *** Official #1 Baylor Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I want ISU players to benefit from their time at ISU. So while I don’t want to see good players transfer, great players leave early for the NBA, nor recruits ask for a release, I really do want to see these things happen. Players deserve better and the AD needs a clear path to act with fan...
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    *** Official #1 Baylor Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Terrible coaching. Terrible. Coach owes Lewis a public apology than submit his resignation. AD needs to act now. Lewis is no lower than 6th on this team and gets less minutes than a walk-on. I think he’s top 5 right now. To Lewis: you deserve better, please transfer.
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    It's now illegal to sell tobacco products to people under 21

    Freedom is tough for lots of people. To live in a free society you must also recognize and respect other people’s freedom regardless of whether you think their choices are right. Of course there are black and white items like murder and stealing, others that are grey which smoking around...