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    Big 12 elimination competition. Week 3

    West Virginia for the win Iowa State - Texas high score Kansas low score
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    Big 12 elimination competition. Week 2

    TCU for the win ISU - OSU for highest score Kansas for lowest score
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    Big 12 elimination competition. Week 1

    1. Baylor to win 2. Texas Tech/Kansas highest scoring 3. K-State lowest scoring
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    Week two depth chart

    He was really good early in his career. Not Peavy-level good, but still really promising for a young player. Just never improved enough.
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    Warren fumbled five times last year, Lanning fumbled nine times. I don't know how you can say "Warren fumbled quite a bit last year in critical situations" when he only had five fumbles. The Kansas State game was frustrating...
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    At what point...

    Not sure what Jamie could've done better. Campbell was a highly-sought-after coach with a very bright future. He brought in the best recruiting class in school history without even coaching a single game. Jamie did his job by hiring the best candidate available. Most national writers thought...
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    Tom Herman???

    I don't know who that is. That appears to be A_Mar32, I am amarner32. Different people.
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    Tom Herman???

    So I was looking at old stats and Houstons coach "Tom Herman" used to be our OC? Why didnt we hire him when Rhodes got fired? IMO he would be a terrific head coach here. I know campbell is doing a good job recruiting but what has he done for us on the field? Entrance music is cool for the kids...
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    Week 1 College Football Survivor Game

    Week 1: Mississippi State
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    ISU Football Player Quiz

    9/10. Missed the first one.
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    FAWcast: Episode 90

    I bet the three point contest happens. That's not too hard to set up and do. Plus we know Gray sticks to his word since he played Jared 1-on-1.
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    FAWcast: Episode 90

    Yeah, come on Burke. It's been at least a month. Make it happen!
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    FAWcast: Episode 90

    ~30 minutes in right now. I agree with you guys that Campbell is here at a really good time. Like you said, K-State is gonna fall, Baylor might take a major dive, and who knows with Texas Tech and West Virginia. I think with a couple good recruiting classes we could find our stride and sort of...
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    Blum's all-time Cyclone lineup

    Did we watch the same Curtis Stinson? That Stinson/Blalock backcourt was flashy as hell.
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    Feedback: Day 2: Post bugs, ideas, thoughts here

    Stansbury said on Twitter that the podcasts will only be on the site for now.