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  • It would be worth a shot, probably be easier to get in once the game starts though. If the 90 year old security guards do anything well, it's making sure you have a cyclone alley shirt when you enter the student section.
    Those pics make me appreciate what we have here. FAC sounds good, I'll let you know closer to Friday for sure. Don't know if you have seen this yet, thought it might be of interest to you. Police: Man takes joyride on combine | | The Des Moines Register
    hey not sure that i have seen this video myself, you have a link? and yea these ******* sensors are annoying.
    I was at the Knasas Nascar Race. This was the night before the ISU-Neb game in Lincoln last year. You can see the dude trying to hand me a pen but I just wanted a punching picture. He was pissed but got over it. Go Cyclones.
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