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  • Am I wrong to be looking forward to next year with what is coming back and the new players we are adding? Will be interested in your thoughts as someone who has followed women's BB for 50+ years I am still feeling good about ISU. Took 3 posts to ask you the questions.
    The number of experts that post must not watch much women's basketball. We are losing one player and IMHO it is due to perceived playing time next year. A number of posters act as if we are the only team that loses players. If you watched any BB this year just about every major team either had lost someone (even mighty UCONN) or had a transfer.
    Question for you. You have followed this team as long or longer as I have but I must be missing something. I had hoped for a better record this season but knew it would be tough with the youth and lack of playing time from other then Bridget. Reading this thread the end of the world is here for the program.
    Love your comments after games. You do know you will catch it from the haters on this site. I have followed this team at almost every home game and a few Big 12 tourneys for 20 years. Do I always agree with what coach does, no ,but like you either support the team or find something else to complain about.
    just a major follower/reporter of the Twister Sisters! Always looking forward to the next Twister Sister Summary...only on...Cyclone Fanatic!
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