Friday OT - Don’t You Forget About Me

Whenever I chat with my best friend from high school and reference someone from our school days, she almost unfailingly does not remember who I am referencing. Another good guy friend’s the same way - less with people, but more with situations. I am terrible with names of new people, but don’t forget that type of stuff ever, so it is hard for me to reconcile that in my head!

Do you have a good or bad memory? Do you have an area that is better or worse than others? Has it ever bitten you in the butt?
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Net Rankings vs. SOR

So, there has been a lot of talk about Net Rankings and how the Big 12 has manipulated it. Probably true, but I thought I'd check Net rankings against SOR, which is a results based metric which should throw out the benefit of beating bad teams by a lot. Historically SOR actually more closely relates to seeding and who makes the dance. What happens?

Well, first off, the Big 12 looks better actually. 9 teams in the top 31 of the SOR and the average ranking of the teams in the conference goes from 46.4 to 44.6.

I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the narrative around the Big 12 manipulating the NET. Every metric shows the Big 12 as very good. Results based metrics would greatly benefit several teams in the Big 12, especially KU, OU, TT, and TCU. People can be unhappy with the noncon but it hasn't hurt the league regardless of the metric.

Iowa St.8
Texas Tech43
Kansas St.74
Oklahoma St.114
West Virginia144

Florida State Championship

Sawyer Bartlet is competing at 215

3A 215​

Sawyer Bartelt (36-0) place is unknown and scored 4.0 team points.

  • Champ. Round 1 - Sawyer Bartelt (South Dade) 36-0 won by fall over Dante DeSantis (William T Dwyer) 24-7 (Fall 2:33)

Crazy thing happened today, what would you do?

So. I had a very crazy morning. I work at a company that has a gated entry but we also rent space from the building directly across the street from us. I manage the rented space.

I pulled into the parking lot at the rented, non-gated, site at around 11:20AM. My wife called me as I was pulling in. I was talking to her as I sat in my truck in the parking lot. I heard a car alarm go off. Didn’t think much of it. And a few seconds later I see someone trying to break into the car parked directly in front of me.

This is where my decision making and my actions following are being questioned.

Here is what I did. I said to my wife, mid-sentence, thar I have to go. Someone is breaking into a car right by me. I threw the phone down (still connected) and ran after the guy. I was so close to getting him but a car was waiting and he hopped in and they peeled off. I never saw the licenses plate and only got a description of the car and the guy but not the get away driver.

Long story short, 6 cars had windows busted and I stoped him mid act on the 7th. Cops came and I gave my statement, talked to security for the business, and was eventually told “the investigators will call you if they need to”. I’m sure I’ll never hear anything.

But, I am now in the doghouse with the wife. She thinks it was extremely reckless and I could have been killed. I see her point but I also know I would do the same thing again. I’m not mad that I chased the guy, I’m mad that I didn’t catch him. I guess my thought is that if no one actually stands up to people like this than nothing will ever change.

Demarion Watson Appreciation Thread

Didn't see one for him like some of the other players have here so starting a thread. What a game by this young man last night! He's always been a guy we can count on when we need some good defense off the bench but he really put it all together last night it felt like. Was glad TJ found a moment to take him out and let the crowd give him a big standing ovation as he deserved it. Hoping this is only the start of some big things to come from him going forward. He's been a team player and done whatever has been asked of him in limited minutes and was really fun watching him provide a big spark for us last night.

Scouting Oklahoma: Cyclones look to avenge January loss to Sooners

Scouting Oklahoma: @jacksonpence06 goes on a deep dive on the Sooners to get you prepped for Wednesday's showdown at Hilton Coliseum.

Survivor 46

Staying home with a sick kid today so just finished watching the first episode and have time to start this season's thread while first thoughts are still fresh.

First vote was the most logical one. I was not a fan of quitting the sweat challenge and him throwing the sand timer when he did it. Thought ran through my mind was why didn't they try to plug the holes in the buckets with something? I don't recall anything in the instructions that said you couldn't so why not use some nearby debris with some mud and try to plug the holes or even maybe tear some cloth from your clothing and try to plug up the holes? Even my 9 year old daughter was saying why not hold the bucket up against your body and use your hands to plug some of the other holes and that should stop most of them. Just felt like there was some ways to solve the problem with the holes in the bucket using some creativity. I didn't even think about the angle of him giving up his vote as coming back to bite him when it was happening. I get why he was worried about the perception that he was a liar and deceptive but its literally the start of the season and everyone is going to have that problem to face at some point so was it really going to matter until they do a tribe shake up or merge? He didn't want to own up to his mistakes so I wouldn't want to work with him going forward either when he gives up when things are tough.

Most seasons Jess would have been the obvious first vote but I don't think they could look past Jalensky's quitting and not owning up to his mistakes even if she is the weaker and the sleep deprivation could be an issue she is still any easy vote next time. Unless she all the sudden does a 180 and becomes a stronger player she probably won't last long especially if her current tribe loses again.

Too early to get a read on the players, Jalensky was the 1 guy I immediately got annoyed with so glad he went first. Everyone else so far hasn't done anything yet for me to dislike them or make me think they are a favorite to win so that's a good thing and hopefully and omen for a good season to come.

Cyclone/We Will night with Iowa Wild-Fri April 5

Hey all,

Always enjoy sharing these opportunities for a fun night out that also helps Iowa State and We Will. The Iowa Wild are having a Cyclone night, where $5 of every ticket goes directly to We Will. The game is on Friday, April 5th and the goal would be to pack the place with Cyclones and make some money for We Will! Please join if you're not in Phoenix at the Final Four!

Use this link:
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Big 12 is gonna get at least one team in with an 8-10 record...

I said earlier this year that it's pretty likely that at least one Big 12 team will make the NCAA Tourney with a losing record. It is likely going to be more than one.

Oklahoma (NET 40, KenPom 40, BartTorvik 42) is currently 7-8 with games against Houston, Cincy, and Texas. They need to beat Cincy at the very least but if they finish 8-10 even losing in KC they'll be in. They are solidly an 8 seed right now and losses to Houston and Texas on the road won't ding them.

Texas (NET 33, KenPom 27, BartTorvik 24) is currently 7-8 with games against Okie State, Baylor, and OU. That win over Tech was massive. If they beat OSU and lose the other two (I think they'll beat OU) they're in. But win just one and they'd be 8-10 and get in.

Kansas State might get to 8-10 but I don't think that will be enough for them to get in unless they probably make the title game in KC.
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"Difference maker" Demarion Watson sparks No. 8 Iowa State to win over Oklahoma

WBB: Kansas natives Addy Brown and Emily Ryan lead the way in road win over No. 15 KSU

WBB: Kansas natives Addy Brown and Emily Ryan led a complete, team-effort in Iowa State's road win over No. 15 K-State Wednesday night.

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Twister Sister Summary - they're baaackkk!!!!

Ahh…the rematch. The first was hard to beat when it came to grit and fight. Perhaps the best game I’ve seen from two teams in a long time. What would happen tonight in the rematch?

KSU would draw first and second blood before Ryan would drive and score. The sister's offense showed a wee bit of nerves initially. After a free throw KSU led 6-2. ISU was just out of sync on offense. Another KSU trey after an ISU turnover made it 9-2. The sisters were just forcing things and it wasn’t pretty. The ladies started out 1-7 before Belanger would score. The officials weren’t calling anything. After a couple of KSU non-called fouls they would hit yet another trey. 12-6 after a Natabou lay in, but the cats hit another trey to make it 15-6. One of the worst three point shooting teams in the conference of course hits five out of the gate to lead 18-8. AJ would start our move back as she drove for two. Brown would hit a two as KSU finally started missing and it was 18-12. Belanger hit a rare trey (rare because we rarely score on hold plays) at the first quarter buzzer to close within three 18-15. Sisters closed on a 7-0 run.

The second started with Crooks being persistent, getting blocked, missed and on the third try finally scored. Bristow then forced a nice turnover. Brown nailed a trey and ISU led 20-18. The run would hit 12-0. Lee finally scored and ISU stood around on offense before turning it over. Lee would score again to give KSU the lead. Lee was beating Crooks inside for her third straight score, but the sisters just kept answering. After a couple of KSU misses Belanger would score and ISU led 27-24. Crooks nailed a nice hook shot over Lee to maintain the lead. Lee answered and it was 29-28 ISU. After an ISU turnover the sisters fouled on a so called continuation play. Sundell would give KSU the lead on free throws. The sisters started to miss on offense and had four straight empty possessions. But the score remained 30-29 KSU until the cats hit another trey. Crooks would answer and then would score again to tie it once again at 33. KSU held for the final shot and missed. Solid first half for both teams.

The second half started with a Ryan trey for the sisters. Lee answered to make it 36-35. Crooks would hit a pair of free throws to give ISU the lead, but Crooks would pick up her third foul with 8 min to go. The resulting free throw tied it up. Both teams would start to miss until KSU hit yet another trey. Bristow would turn it over on a bad pass, but no damage. Brown would make a nice hook shot to pull ISU within one 41-40. After being fouled, Natabou would miss both free throws. After a stop on the other end, Bristow would hit a trey to get the lead back 43-42. After stretching to a three point lead KSU would answer with a foul shot and another trey to retake the lead 48-47. Brown would score again to get the lead right back. KSU was in the bonus early in the quarter. Lee would hit one free throw and ISU would promptly turn it over. Fortunately, KSU missed and Bristow would hit a jumper and force Lee's third foul. What a chess match this was! Brown would nail a trey after stealing the ball. ISU would hold for the last shot and Ryan would hit Natabou for the lay in and a four point lead after three 56-52.

ISU started the fourth with a turnover. KSU hit a pair of free throws, scored after a turnover and then ISU turned it over again as KSU tied game at 56. Crooks would score and Brown would hit yet again. Sundell scored after an offensive board, but Brown would answer right back. After a Ryan score the lead was five 66-61. Ryan then drove the lane on Lee and scored stretching the lead to seven 68-61. Crooks then ran over Lee for her fourth foul. Time to head to the bench again for a couple of minutes. KSU hit yet another trey and it was a four point game. Brown would answer right back. Lee would then pick up her fourth foul. Belanger hit a jumper to extend the lead to five 72-67. Natabou scored and was fouled. She hit the free throw and the lead was four 75-71 with two minutes to go. Both teams would have empty possessions before Ryan fed Crooks for two to make it 77-71 with less than a minute to go. Belanger fouled and KSU would hit a pair of free throws. Thirty seven tics to go and a four point lead. Brown would get fouled and hit one free throw for a five point lead. KSU would miss and Brown was fouled with 21 to go. She would hit two to make it a three possession game 80-73. KSU would hit a contested trey to make it a four point game with 16 left. Belanger was fouled on the inbound pass. She would hit both. KSU would miss, Brown would get the board and the game was ours.


POG - nice to say it’s Brown. The young lady we were used to seeing through the first half of the season was back. What an amazing game for her. She was efficient in every sense of the word. Nine out of thirteen shots for 24 points, 11 boards, 3 steals, 2 boards. She’s baaaackkkk…

Ryan - If I didn’t give POG to Brown it would go here. This was the near perfect game from the ISU floor general. Yes, five turnovers. BUT…11 points. 7 boards. NINE assists. 2 steals. I’ll take it.

Crooks - things don’t look quite as big with the foul trouble she had, but when she was in she was nearly unstoppable again. Still had 14 points and 7 boards. I had to shake my head when things were getting critical and she was laughing and smiling on the court. Have to love this girl!

AJ - 4 points, 2 boards and 1 assist. Still fouls too much, but she’s a scrapper in there. Her defense is salty.

Belanger - She is starting to round back into the player we need. Thirteen points with most of the damage being short jumpers. She’s definitely become another threat.

Bristow - I said in the game thread that this lady is going to become a good one. Still making some mistakes, but her upside is very high. Seven points tonight along with five boards and a steal. I’ll take that every game. She length really causes problems for the opponent.

Diew - nice to see her back after a three game absence. Two points in limited minutes.

Joens - Two boards in limited minutes.

Natabou - I saved her for last for a reason. She really had to put in some time tonight with the foul trouble Crooks had. Missed some bunnies, but when it counted she cashed in. Kudos to her.

Free throws - 11 of 16. Hit them down the stretch when it counted the most.

Threes - strangely we were in this game despite only hitting five. KSU meanwhile stayed in the game because they hit an unimaginable eleven.

Rebounds - when this team out rebounds their opponent it means good things. The ladies DOMINATED the boards tonight to the tune of 47-30.

Wow. A sweep of a highly rated team. With WVU’s loss this week this moves ISU into fifth in the conference. It is a HUGE road win in the eyes of the committee. ISU is also playing well at the end of the season and that plays big in their eyes. I read somewhere that a pair of wins this week would likely move ISU up to an 8 seed. When you consider we weren’t sure they would make the dance a couple of weeks ago this is big. The team is literally back to firing on all cylinders again. If…if Diew can find her mojo again…I dare to think just how dangerous this team will be moving forward. Let’s pack Hilton for the last home game for this fun team! See you there!