Staff rankings after 10 weeks

Jared Stansbury- 38-37

Garrett Kroeger- 36-39

Brent Blum and Rob Gray- 35-40

Chris Williams- 33-42

Kirk Haaland and Jeff Woody- 32-43

Adam Gray- 31-44

CF Publisher- Chris Williams

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas – Iowa State

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5) – Texas Tech

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29) – Mississippi State

USC @ Washington (-9) –USC

West Virginia @ Texas (-2) – Texas

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5) – Oklahoma

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa – Iowa

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – Oregon

CF Senior Writer- Rob Gray

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas- Cyclones cover. The Jayhawks’ run defense os beyond porous and ISU gets a 100-yard rusher for the first time this season. Also, THE GOALPOSTS SURVIVE!

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5)- Cowboys quietly putting together a very solid season (even though they should have lost to ISU). Give me the Pokes.  

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29)- ‘Bama rolls, but the Bulldogs sneak out with a backdoor cover after trailing by 35 in the first half.

USC @ Washington (-9)- The Huskies keep unbeaten season rolling and cover.

West Virginia @ Texas (-2)- Charlie Strong’s gents fuel up and hold off the Mountaineers. ‘Horns become bowl eligible!

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5)- Boomer. Enough said.

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa- Iowa wants no part of Captain Khaki. Wrinkle-free Wolverines cover.

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – Cardinal cover — and Phil Knight buys a shiny new Brink’s truck.

CF Staff Writer- Jared Stansbury

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas – Kansas will be able to hang around for the first half, but the Cyclones get the offense rolling in the second half and win (and cover) 34-17.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5) – This game is destined to be a shootout. I think the Cowboys will win, but they won’t cover.

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29) – Roll damn Tide.

USC @ Washington (-9) – Washington is really freaking good. Huskies cover — easily.

West Virginia @ Texas (-2) – I don’t think D’Onta Foreman has stopped running yet from last week. Horns win on a field goal late.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5) – This game will be about pride for the Bears. Baylor will hang tough but lose by 10 or so to cover.

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa – Not sure I’ll be able to drink a full beer before this game ends. It will be too short for anyone to win my 21 or more. Hawkeyes cover at home.

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – Stanford is Oregon’s kryptonite. Cardinal cover on the road.

CF Columnist- Brent Blum

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas. Kansas potentially starting a third string QB gives me Brian Luke flashbacks from 2005, but truthfully Iowa State is the better team. Iowa State 31 Kansas 21.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5). Tech’s defense is the original champ of the mannequin challenge. Oklahoma State 51 Texas Tech 34.

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29). Alabama wins, no cover. Alabama 35 Miss St. 10.

USC @ Washington (-9). This line is suspiciously low. Beware. Washington 34 USC 30.

West Virginia @ Texas (-2). Texas has been terrific at home, Strong may save his job. Texas 35 WVA 30.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5). Baylor makes this interesting. Oklahoma 42 Baylor 34.

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa. Iowa will save 500k by not paying the Ferentz 8 win bonus. So that’s a plus. Michigan 35 Iowa 16

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon. What happened to these two? Stanford 30 Oregon 24

Former Cyclone running back and CF analyst- Jeff Woody

Everyone looking for my witty insight, you’ll have to wait a week. Gonna go Adam Gray on these.

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas – ISU. Comfortably.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5) – OSU. 104-50

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29) – Miss St. it’s at Bama, but 30 points is a LOT.

USC @ Washington (-9) – Huskies. Still don’t trust the Trojans.

West Virginia @ Texas (-2) – WVU. Turnovers.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5) – OU. Baylor ain’t real!!

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa – Iowa. They only lose by 18.

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – Cardinal. Don’t trust the Ducks as far as you can throw em. Well, you could probably throw a duck pretty far. But still.

Stat Guy- Kirk Haaland

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas – The Cyclones finally get back in the win column for a comfortable-ish win, but not by double digits.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5) – The Texas Tech offense has dipped a bit in the past couple of weeks but they’re still good enough to cover that number.

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29) – Alabama keeps covering huge spreads…but, not this one.

USC @ Washington (-9) – USC is better than most realize but the Huskies continue their march to the playoff with a big win and cover over the Trojans.

West Virginia @ Texas (-2) – West Virginia wins this one outright.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5) – Baylor has jumped on the struggle bus in recent weeks but they keep this one close enough for the cover.

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa – Iowa has continued to go in the wrong direction while Michigan has put together some of the best performances week in and week out. Wolverines cover a huge number in Iowa City.

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – The home underdog wins this one outright.

Director of sales- Adam Gray

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas  – Iowa State

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5) – Texas Tech

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29) – MSU

USC @ Washington (-9) – Washington

West Virginia @ Texas (-2) – WVU

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5) – Baylor

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa – Iowa

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – Stanford

CF Intern- Garrett Kroeger

Iowa State (-9.5) @ Kansas  – Cyclones win but don’t cover.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (-12.5) – Oklahoma State wins and covers.

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-29) – Bama wins but only wins by two touchdowns.

USC @ Washington (-9) – Huskies blowout the Trojans.

West Virginia @ Texas (-2) – Give me the Mountaineers.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-15.5) – Oklahoma wins but only by a touchdown.

Michigan (-21) @ Iowa – Wolverines blowout the Hawks.

Stanford (-3) @ Oregon – Give me the Ducks here.


Garrett Kroeger

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher

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