Staff standings after 5 weeks:

Chris Williams, 20-19

Brent Blum and Jared Stansbury, 19-20

Rob Gray, 18-21

Jeff Woody and Kirk Haaland, 16-23

Adam Gray, 15-24

Garrett Kroeger, 13-26

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) – Vampire on his birthday weekend by 13.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota – Gawd I don’t know. Flip a coin. I guess I’ll take the Gophers just because it’s at home.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas – Desperate times for Charlie Strong. Remember last year? Hard to see that kind of game happening again, but I still think Texas plays hard. OU wins but only by a touchdown.

Florida State at Miami (-3) – Wrong team is favored. Noles, who are getting beat up right now (rightfully so), win outright.

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7) – I’ve tossed and turned over this one all week.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon – Key word of the week: Desperation. Oregon is feeling it too. I’ll take a bad Duck team to cover and hope that Washington is down after a big win last week.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas – Love the Hogs to cover here.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17) – Clones cover against a good team for the second week in a row.

CF Senior Writer, Rob Gray

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) – That’s a big number, but you won’t see me betting against the Vamp at Snyder Family Stadium. The Wildcats’ D is legit, though the Red Raiders will put up points. KSU covers, barely.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota- The bloom is off the rose that encircles the Battle for Floyd, but it’s still a fun rivalry game. Give me the Hawks in a thriller that will be sure to produce an entertaining “Sound Off” reaction show.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas- I am not on board with Texas. OU’s offense is now operating at the elite level. I know this is sometimes a throw-out-there-records game, but I can’t pick the ‘Horns. Sooners win big.

Florida State at Miami (-3)- Hurricanes and Seminoles will play in the wake of a real Hurricane. At least that diminished in strength. This matchup will be epic. Dalvin Cook the wild card. No cover for the ‘Canes, and FSU may pull off the win.

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7)- The Vols are feeling good and why not? They’re rolling and U’ve got a feeling there’s some magic about the orange guys this season. Aggies can’t cover.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon-Give me the Huskies all day. After what they did to Stanford, I’m convinced this team is legit top-five. The D is outstanding, so I’ll take Washington in a landslide.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas- Saban will be gnashing his teeth during and after this one. That’s not to say the Razorbacks will win. Guessing it will be close. Tide wins, doesn’t cover.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17)- I said on “The Seniors” that I fear a step-back sort of day from the Cyclones — which often happens as progress is developing. I’m not so sure now. In fact, I’m going the other way. ISU keeps it reasonably close and the Cowboys don’t cover.

CF Staff Writer, Jared Stansbury

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5)- I LOVE, I MEAN LOVE BILL SNYDER. So give me those Wildcats.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota- Gophers are so cute and cuddly. So I am going with Minnesota.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas- Burnt orange is a cooler color than crimson.

Florida State at Miami (-3)- JIMBO!

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7)- I think Texas A&M’s mascot is cuter than Tennessee’s.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon- Ducks taste gross and Huskies are adorable, so obviously Washington.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas- Saban is da GOAT.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17)- Matt Campbell is one hot dude and Mike Gundy looks creepy with that mullet. So give him Mr. Sexy and the Cyclones.

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5). Seems like a classic Vampire special. Everybody will be on Tech and then wham, K-State wins by 20. K-State 38 Texas Tech 17.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota. Iowa can’t lose back-to-back games right? Iowa 24 Minnesota 21.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas. Charlie’s last stand still won’t be enough to win, but will cover. Oklahoma 34 Texas 30.

Florida State at Miami (-3). Miami has the best QB in the country that nobody talks about in Brad Kaaya. Kaaya’s mom played Felicia in the movie Friday. Bye Felicia!

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7). The season of destiny comes crashing down. Texas A&M 34 Tennessee 21.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon. Oregon has fallen off a cliff, but this many points at home? Yes please. Washington 33 Oregon 30.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas. The Hogs make it interesting.  Alabama 30 Arkansas 24.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17). Iowa State never seems to play well here; I hope I’m wrong. Oklahoma State 42 Iowa State 21.

Former Cyclone running back and CF analyst, Jeff Woody

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) – Wildcats. Well this is tough. Pat Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. But Tech’s defense is one of the worst in the country. If Mahomes plays, this game can be close. If he doesn’t, Kansas State has the ball for 41 minutes in this game and it’s a runaway purple train.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota – Goldy. I want to say that Iowa has a “rally the troops” moment, but that could’ve come after NDSU. Or a flop of a win at Rutgers. Now after Northwestern. I’m starting to think this Iowa team doesn’t have the same tenacity as last years’ iteration.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas – Texas. I don’t think they’re going to win, but 10 is a lot in a rivalry game when there are as many holes on each side as there are.

Florida State at Miami (-3) – Miami, I guess. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there probably isn’t going to be a game played in Miami or Tallahassee this weekend.

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7) – UT. For some reason, just when you think they’re dead, they come back and win the game. I don’t know if this game is a blowout in any way, but Tennessee is going to crawl back in at the end.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon – Huskies. Oregon’s defense is real, real bad.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas – Arkansas. Every game is a Super Bowl game against Alabama, and when it’s at home it’s especially so. Again, I don’t think Bama loses, but 14 is a lot on the road.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17) – ISU. This comes down to the quintessential stereotypes in football– win turnovers and win the rushing battle. ISU has done a really good job offensively on the ground these past few weeks, but not so defensively. OSU isn’t great running the ball, so you have to win that matchup. You also have to keep the ball against a good offense and not give them extra chances. I’m not ruling the Cyclones out for a win, but again, 17 points is a lot.

Stat Guy, Kirk Haaland

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) – The Texas Tech offense is too good to not cover the 7.5.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota – Iowa has had a rough few weeks, Gophers cover and win.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas – This game is relegated to FS1 and mostly an afterthought, which is weird for two Universities that are essentially holding an entire conference hostage. Anyway, Boomer wins, but doesn’t cover.

Florida State at Miami (-3) – Miami, and it doesn’t come down to a missed field goal.

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7) – Tennessee has been scraping by and the Aggies have mostly impressed. Ags cover.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon – Fresh off the whoopin’ of Stanford the Huskies travel to Eugene where the Ducks are struggling. Washington is playing like one of the top teams in the country and gets the cover at Oregon.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas – Arkansas keeps it close enough at home for the cover.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17) – After two inspiring performances, the Cyclones seem to be on an upward tick.They can hang in this game if the defense can make some plays and get some stops. The Cowboys will win but the Cyclones keep it inside of 17.

Staff writer, Jared Stansbury

Texas Tech @ Kansas State (-7.5) – Texas Tech always sucks on the road and this just seems like a Vampire special. Wildcats by two touchdowns.

Iowa (-1.5) @ Minnesota – I know absolutely nothing about the Minnesota Golden Gophers. I’ll take them to win outright at home anyway.

Oklahoma (-10) @ Texas – I think Oklahoma runs the table in the Big 12 and finishes 10-2. Sooners cover easily in the Shootout.

Florida State @ Miami (-3) – Dalvin Cook runs all over the place and the Seminoles win outright.

Tennessee @ Texas A&M (-7) – Tennessee’s magic act is going to catch up to them soon. Just not this week. Vols win in College Station.

Washington (-8.5) @ Oregon – It is tough to play in Autzen, but I don’t think the Ducka are very good. Huskies cover.

Alabama (-14) @ Arkansas – Roll damn Tide.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma State (-17) – I think Iowa State’s improvement continues and the defense finds a way to slow Mason Rudolph… For three quarters. Cowboys win 45-35.

Director of sales, Adam Gray

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) – Kansas State let one get away last week in Morgantown when they couldn’t finish off drives and settled for FG’s.  I still like this KSU team and think they have the best defense in the Big 12 which will slow down (not stop) Texas Tech.  I like KState in this one big 13.  

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota – 3 straight poor games by the Hawkeyes leads me to believe it’s more than just a slight bump, but that they are a team on the decline for whatever reason.  I’ll take the home team.  Gophers by 3.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas – Still think Oklahoma has the worst defense I’ve ever seen out of a Stoops coached team, but this is a revenge game and I don’t think Texas can keep up.  Sooners by 17.

Florida State at Miami (-3) – Classic Mark Richt game.  Just when people are starting to buy in, his team will lay an egg.  Seminoles by 10.  

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7) – Tennessee is living on the edge with these slow starts and it comes back to bite them this week.  Hard to come back in College Station.  A&M by 10.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon – Oregon is a bad football team this year, but they are at home and getting 8.5 points.  I got to take them, right?  Huskies win, Oregon covers.  

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas – I think Arkansas keeps this game competitive for about 2.5 quarters before Alabama’s talent wears them down.  Roll Tide by 17

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17) – I worry about a hangover from last weeks heartbreaking loss to Baylor.  I worry even more about Iowa States ability to stop the run.  OSU 42-21

CF Intern, Garrett Kroeger

Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) – Kansas State had West Virginia beat last week but its defense couldn’t produce down in the later part of the game. And I see that happening once again. Texas Tech wins.

Iowa (-1.5) at Minnesota – Golden Gophers win and Iowa students riot after watching the abysmal outing by the Hawks on TV.

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Texas – Don’t overlook the Longhorns in a rivalry game. I like Texas to beat Oklahoma.

Florida State at Miami (-3) – I like the Jimbo and FSU to win by 10.

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-7) – The luck runs out for Tennessee. Texas A&M wins by two-plus touchdowns.

Washington (-8.5) at Oregon – The Ducks have looked awful this year. Give me the Huskies by two-plus touchdowns.

Alabama (-14) at Arkansas – Roll Tide by 21 points.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (-17) – I like Oklahoma State to win but Iowa State covers.


Garrett Kroeger

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher

Garrett is an intern for Cyclone Fanatic and is currently a junior at THE Iowa State University. He is studying Journalism and Mass Communications while minoring in Sports and Rec. If you like college football, NBA or just random life tweets, Garrett is a must follow on Twitter: @gkroegs.

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