REPORT: Big 12 will speak with 17 schools about expansion

We actually learned something about Big 12 expansion on Friday.

Well, kind of.

Take it away Brett McMurphy.

Within McMurphy’s story, he lists the following schools that will be speaking with the league: Cincinnati, Houston, BYU, South Florida, Central Florida, UConn, Memphis, Boise State, Colorado State, Temple, Tulane, East Carolina, SMU, New Mexico and Northern Illinois.

That’s only 15 schools. Who are the other two?

Regardless, this report spurred more reporting from a guy in the know, Chuck Carlton from the Dallas Morning News. This is the juicy stuff.

What’s all of this mean?

Honestly, I’m not really sure but there does seem to be momentum to only grow to 12 as opposed to 14. That seems like a nice compromise between the league and its media partners, who would be on the hook to overpay for schools No. 13 and 14 should the league grow by four.

And don’t forget what Jamie Pollard told me on the Cyclone Fanatic Podcast a couple of weeks ago – essentially that Iowa State will only vote for a school if it extends the Big 12’s grant of rights agreement. 

My guess is that Texas will reluctantly agree to do so to get them to 2030 – the same year that its current agreement with ESPN and the Longhorn Network comes to an end.

But that is simply a guess and nothing more.

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