REPORT: Top four Big 12 expansion candidates?

There are a few "must-read" writers when it comes to the business of the Big 12 Conference and Chuck Carlton from the Dallas Morning News is one of them. 

Over the weekend, Carlton published his latest column on the future of the conference and it included a few interesting tidbits. 

The first isn’t very surprising, but it absolutely noteworthy. 

"Rest assured, Texas will not agree to anything unless it’s guaranteed all the money remaining on its current LHN contract with ESPN — and maybe not then," Carlton wrote. 

He also added that the Big 12 is working with Bevilacqua Helfant Ventures as a consultant on the league’s new (if it expands) television contract. 

If the Big 12 grows, who will the conference add?

Carlton is reporting that right now, the clubhouse leaders to get close looks are BYU, Cincinnati, UConn and Colorado State. 

It’s a fluid situation and over the next few months, a lot of false information will be published. This is a plugged in veteran journalist here though and the above information is worth taking a mental note. 

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