Matt Campbell sounds off on NCAA satellite camp ruling


AMES — It didn’t take long for Matt Campbell to chime in on the NCAA’s recent ruling to ban satellite camps. Following Iowa State’s "jersey scrimmage" inside of Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday morning, Campbell had this to say about Friday’s news. 

“From my end of it, I’m furious. I see it as the NCAA, they say that their job is to protect the student-athlete No. 1. And No. 2 is a fair and equal balance among Division I athletics. As I sit here, here are these young men – our job should be to go out to these young men. I think it is a situation where it is really unfair. It is a situation where it doesn’t make any sense. The reality of it is that you are hurting kids. I am coming from the non-power five school where we made a living on those camps. We went with Ohio State. We went with Michigan. We did our own camps throughout the state of Ohio. Our job was to give back to the community – to give back and put ourselves out there so that these kids who couldn’t get on our campus didn’t have to waste the gas and money to do it. Now you handcuff these kids and the opportunities. Those schools already have the advantage. Those kids can come in every day if they want to or once a week if they want to come down. The reality is, you have Division I schools that are willing to pay their own money and provide a camp and opportunity to get evaluated, I don’t know if I see it being the right way. I hope that they sit back and look at it and wonder if this is really the right thing for kids – 17 and 18 year olds. I’m really against it and I think it is a really unfortunate situation right now.”

There you have it. He’s not a fan. He’s furious, and rightfully so. It’s common sense, no?

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