Toledo coach praises Sam Richardson

The majority of Toledo coach Matt Campbell’s weekly press conference was spent rehashing his program’s historic 16-12 victory over Arkansas, but the Cyclones did get some play as well. Specifically, Campbell pointed out his respect for Iowa State’s fifth-year quarterback Sam Richardson a handful of times. 

"That’s a really talented quarterback; maybe one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 12," Campbell said in his opening statement. "He comes in here with a really good skill-set around him."

Rightfully so. In last year’s 37-30 Cyclone victory over the Rockets, Richardson threw for a career-high 351 yards and three second half touchdowns to lead the way. Richardson also set a school-record with 37 completions in the victory. 

"Anytime you have a quarterback like they have you are a really dangerous football team," Campbell said. "If you look at the Iowa game last weekend it was (close) late in the game and they had their chances to win it so we know that they will get their best shot come Saturday.”

It’s ironic that Campbell spent so much time praising Richardson while locally, some fans are calling for a change at Iowa State’s quarterback position. Paul Rhoads made it clear on Monday though that Richardson is his guy and will start for the Cyclones in Saturday night’s 7 p.m. kick on ESPNews. 

More Matt Campbell on the Cyclones…

“We’ve got a big football game coming up, quite honestly. There’s a good football team coming in with Iowa State – a really skilled football team. And then their defense comes in after playing some really gooddefense in the first two games of the season this year and did a great job against us a year ago.”

On comparing the two teams… 

“There are some similarities in the style of football. Both teams have good skill players. Both teams are very physical so I think style more than anything but I know it is a team that last year where record doesn’t indicate team. I think they had some major injuries down the stretch a year ago that really hurt their football team. I think they are really well coached. I think that they play really hard." 

On what it means for Toledo to host a Power 5 school…

“It means a lot not only for us but it’s great for our city, No. 1. It’s great for our university and obviously great for our student body here within the university itself. I also think it says a lot about the tradition of our program and former players.”


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