WILLIAMS: An important point on the recruiting trail

Judging by page views on this website and Twitter mentions, it’s easy for me to analyze that you all are currently obsessed with Iowa State basketball recruiting.

After publishing this piece on Thursday afternoon, I’ve heard a lot of backlash from readers in one form or another. With a few minutes to burn on a Friday afternoon, I thought I would answer a few commonly asked questions over the last 24 hours. 

On paper, many of these transfers are less than impressive…

Iowa State doesn’t need another Bryce Dejean-Jones this offseason.

When Iowa State signed DeAndre Kane two summers ago, the Cyclones desperately needed a point guard.

With Georges Niang, Monte Morris and Jameel McKay (to name a few) returning next season, Fred Hoiberg’s bench is in need of role players. More importantly, the bench is in need of guys who will be willing to serve whatever role the coaching staff gives it within a very talented roster.   

Chemistry counts and based off of the information that I’ve been able to gather, it is a priority on the recruiting trail this offseason. 

Plus, good luck selling playing time to top-tier graduate transfers at this point. Chances are, those available guys aren’t better options than what is currently at Hoiberg’s disposal. 

Why not sign more high school prospects in 2015?

Because on April 24, there just aren’t that many of them available.

I’m guessing that Iowa State will ink a top-100 high school point guard in Nick Noskowiak in the near future. That’s a win in and of itself. 

Not to mention, Nick Babb will have three years to play starting in 2016. 

I’m all about signing four-year guys too for the sake of steadiness but there are different ways to create stability within a program.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for what will likely be a busy next couple of weeks in the silly season. 

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