CF’s Expert Pick’em: Week 15

You probably won’t believe me because our experts are so impressive with their picks, but out of 16 dudes last week only three of them were above .500 (notice I said them and not us). Of course, Jeff Woody was one of them and increased his lead over the rest of the clan.

Most concerning though is the presence of one Chris Hassel sitting at the third spot and suddenly Operation Anyone Can Win As Long As It Isn’t Hassel that was embarked upon in August is in very serious jeopardy. Here’s to Cooter Ray folding like a lawn chair down the stretch!

The standings:


Former Cyclone RB, Jeff Woody

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – The Ducks want to make a HUGE statement here. The one team that beat them in some Thursday night "fluke" comes to play again AND they get to make a statement to potentially get a 1 seed? I’ll take Oregon any day.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – This is a tough line to pick based on the Bryce Petty health factor. If he plays, I take the Bears to win by 25+ since it’s in Waco. If he doesn’t, I think this is a pick ’em game. I bet he does play, so I will take Baylor here.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Bama. As much as I am not sold on Bama as a #1 team, they are WAY better than Missouri. I have a feeling this is going to be a bloodbath.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – The Yellow Jackets run a triple option, and they are coached by a former Navy head coach. You know what you MUST have in order to stop that combination? Discipline. You know what FSU’s weakness is? Discipline and Maturity. I am going to take Georgia Tech to at least cover, but I like them outright.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Similar to playing K State, when you play Wicsco, if you turn the ball over, you won’t get it back for 5+ minutes on the game clock (unless MGIII runs one for 80 yards). A 3rd string quarterback turns the ball over more than the backup does, who turns it over more than the starter. I’ll take Wisconsin by a dozen or more. The Buckeyes ain’t come to play school.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – The last time (and only time in Rhoads’ tenure) ISU was more than a 30 point underdog, we (I say "we" because I was on the team) got beaten by 61 points in Waco last year for the worst loss in the history of Iowa State football. I think this might be a repeat of that, except this Cyclone offense is better than ours was last year. I think TCU hangs 60+ on the board, but the cyclones put up 28 or more. TCU wins and covers 69-28.

CF Director of Sales, Adam Gray

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Oregon wins a close game.  Zona covers

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor always seems to cover at home.  KState always seems to cover as a road dog.  I’ll take KSU and the points.  Baylor by 6.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Mizzou has a pretty solid DL that I think can pressure Bama.  Bama wins, Mizzou covers.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Is there anyone that’s not a Noles fan that will be cheering for FSU?  Damn I want them to lose.  But they’ll pull off another ridiculously ugly win.  FSU by 6.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – I’ll take OSU as Meyer and Herman work their magic with their 3rd string QB

ISU @ TCU (-34) – Iowa State covers.  It feels like a win.

ESPN Broadcaster, Chris Hassel

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Oregon. Payquack for the Duckies.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor. #stylepoints

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Bama. I think Missouri keeps it a game but Tide backdoor’s it.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – GT. I’ve picked FSU every week and it burns me every week.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – OSU. Because Cardale Jones "ain’t come to play school".

ISU @ TCU (-34) – ISU. Could see ISU putting up some points and staying within 4 scores.

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Meyer

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Mizzou.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – OSU.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU.

Former WOI-TV Sports Director, Dave Zawilinski

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor. Only chance to get into the playoffs is to win and win convincingly.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Bama by 21.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech outright.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Bucks rally and somehow keep it close. They might even win. Ugh.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU. They’ve been running up scores when possible. This is another opportunity.

Former Cyclone WR, Lane Danielsen

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Florida State.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Ohio State.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU.

Former Cyclone LB, Adam Carper

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – FSU.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Ohio State.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – ISU.

Former Cyclone WR, Jack Whitver

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Oregon’s last two losses are to the wildcats. Ducks win, but Wildcats cover. 

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Dangerous game for Baylor, especially when they have spent the whole week campaigning for the playoff. Wildcats keep it close and have a chance to win straight up. KSU covers.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Bama playing very well. They blow out the Tigers to cover. 

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – FSU wins and covers to go to playoff.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Hard I pick with a new OSU QB. With so much on the line for the Buckeyes,  too much pressure on a first time starter. Badgers win and cover.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU needs the style points so they will keep pedal to the metal. TCU covers.

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – That’s a lot of points on a neutral field considering Zona has already beaten Oregon. Oregon wins, Rich Rod covers. Ducks 34, Cats 30

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Something has to give here. Baylor is 13-2 ATS in its last 15 home games. Kansas State is 8-1 ATS in its last nine games. It sounds like Bryce Petty is healthy, so give me Baylor by a 40-30 final. 

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Can I tease this down to 13.5? No? Ok. I’ll still take Alabama by a 28-13 final.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – The lights are bright and after being dropped in the rankings, Florida State actually has something the prove here. Seminoles win 30-17.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Wisconsin.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – This game is getting so much play from the style points perspective and rightfully so, but something tells me that Iowa State will actually score a few points and I do not think that Gary Patterson will look to run it up. Iowa State keeps it somewhat respectable. TCU 49, Iowa State 20. 

The enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona has had Oregon’s number so I’ll go against my brain and say Oregon covers.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Bears haven’t looked right for a while. K-State.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Bammer.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Did you know (you don’t because I haven’t mentioned this before) but by my math of calculating offensive scoring efficiencies and adjusting to schedules, Georgia Tech is the best in the land? Yep. Jackets and if humanity is lucky they’ll win outright.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Barret’s hurt, Badgers cover.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – Aye aye aye. I think TCU handles Iowa State but the Cyclone offense lets it all hang out there…and it’s just enough to cover.

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Oregon 34 Arizona 21.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – K-State 30 Baylor 28.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama 27 Mizzou 20.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech 31 Florida State 21.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Wisconsin 23 Ohio State 20. 

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU 49 Iowa State 20. 

WHO-TV Meteorologist, Brett McIntyre

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Oregon. Ducks fly into playoff. Mariota is healthier than the first matchup, the offensive line is better, and they will avenge the earlier loss.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor. Snyder’s wizardry hasn’t shown as often against the Bears, having lost his last two against Baylor by double digits.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama. Well, I certainly won’t be sad if the Tigers somehow pull the upset and keep the SEC out of the playoff, but I doubt we’re all that lucky.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech. Let’s get crazy here. I’ll take the points, and I might even like the Jackets outright!

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Ohio State. I think Wisconsin wins, but only by a field goal. Buckeyes manage a cover.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU. Going to have to take the Frogs. They can’t afford to let up. At all.

KXNO Producer/Host, Andrew Downs

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona. I think the Ducks win and stay in the playoff, but this line is too big. 

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor. Baylor really needs to make a statement. They will, but it won’t matter in the end.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Missouri. Tigers won’t win, but they’ll keep it interesting. 

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – FSU. The magic doesn’t end this week.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Ohio State. In steps another top recruit at QB and the train rolls on.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU. Frogs need some style points, and they’ll get them.

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Culbertson

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Arizona.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Baylor.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Florida State.

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Wisconsin.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – ISU.

CF Senior Writer, Rob Gray

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Time for a RichRod meltdown. Ducks 38-17

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – Everything in my brain says pick Baylor to cover. Naturally I’ll go against it. Bears probably win a close one, though.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Not buying Mizzou. Tide on a mission. ‘Bama covers, 41-20

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – FSU’s 3-D printed version of Bill Snyder’s magic wand continues to work. ‘Noles 24, Rambin’ Wreck, er, Yellow Jackets 17

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – Sad times in Columbus both on and off the field. Melvin Gordon too much. Badgers by 7.

ISU @ TCU (-34) – Can the Cyclones hang in? Sure. Will they? Not so sure. TCU covers.

Former Cyclone QB, Austen Arnaud

Arizona vs Oregon (-14.5) – Give me Arizona here, 14.5 is too many points for a team that has beat the Ducks twice in a row.

Kansas State @ Baylor (-9) – I’ll take Kansas State to cover nine. Texas tech was able to do whatever they wanted last week. Kansas State’s defense will come to play and Jake Waters is always reliable. Baylor still wins but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to come from behind.

Mizzou vs Alabama (-14.5) – Mizzou will compete in this game, but Alabama is playing their best ball of the year. I’ll go with Mizzou to cover.

Florida State (-4) vs Georgia Tech – Florida State and Jameis Winston have more than nine lives. Georgia Tech not athletic enough to stay in this one a full four quarters.  

Wisconsin (-4) vs Ohio State – You have to think that Wisconsin can exploit the fact that Ohio State is starting a brand new quarterback. Melvin Gordon will not have a big day rushing the football (meaning less than 150). Joel Stave is the key to this Badgers teams success Saturday. I see him doing a descent job and capitalizing on turnovers Ohio State will have from the quarterback. Sconny

ISU @ TCU (-34) – TCU is in if they win, no style points needed. Unfortunately I don’t think that matters, Iowa State has had 11 season ending injuries. That hurts them against a deep TCU team.


Kirk Haaland


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