CF’s Experts Pick’em: Week 10

If I had any bit of creativity or wit to spread I’d totally make this a spooky edition of picks on Halloween 2014. But, as we all know, I do not. Plus, it’s late on a Thursday night and Louisville just flamed out against Florida State like Blum did with his picks last week.

Jeff Woody is still proving he’s smarter than he looks while rounding out the top of the leader board, much to the dismay of Adam Gray’s ego. Things got a bit feisty for some on the weekly email and I bet you can’t guess who was bringing the most heat…but, I think it’s best to not out him just yet.

Below are the current standings. By the way, if you only read one man’s picks this week make it Blum’s. That guy is great…I told him he gets six wins already just for doing what I could not with the whole Halloween edition of picks.


Former Cyclone RB, Jeff Woody

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – This should be a good game, and because of that, I think home field plays an advantage. I do recognize that there’s a possibility that Ole Miss falls off the wagon to finish the season, since Ole Miss tends to do that sort of thing historically. That being said, I’ll take the Rebs. It’s just too physical of a defense for Auburn to match up against.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – The Ducks have looked significantly better than everyone else in the Pac-12, including Stanford. I don’t think the Cardinal can score with the fighting Mariotas. Fly, Ducks, fly.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – 36 points for a line. My first thought; geez that’s a huge line. My second thought; it’s Kansas and it’s in Waco, so this line might not be high enough. I’ll take the Bears to win by 50. 

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Again, until JW Walsh comes back for the Cowboys, they can’t score with the best in the Big XII. I’ll take K State inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium going away. This Wildcat team is for real.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – This is the trickiest game of the week to me. Just like we all predicted before the season, Clint Trickett vs Trevone Boykin is a battle of two of the best players in the conference. After TCUs thorough ass-kicking of Texas Tech and West Virginia’s win against Ok State, I’m convinced. These teams are legit. My gut tells me to ride with the Mountaineers because it’s in Morgantown. I think TCU wins either way, but I think WVU covers. Tough line to pick. 

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – I’ll take the Cyclones to cover in this one. I think the Sooners are good, but actually not that much better than Iowa State. What worries me is if they can establish a full-throat running game. That would lead to a fatigued defense, and a shootout begins again. I think ISU’s chance to win comes in turnovers. OU is capable of giving them up. ISU just has to keep the ball when they’re on offense and capitalize on the Sooner mistakes.

Go State.

CF Director of Sales, Adam Gray

I used my own KenPom like rating system to come up with this.

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – I like Ole Miss to get back on track with a big home win. 21-17. 

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon gets payback and wins by 13.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Baylor being favored by 36 against a Big 12 team doesn’t seem right.  They use to be the team that was a 36 point dog. Baylor covers.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – I don’t see this game being close, but I like OSU to get a backdoor cover.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – I’ve been wrong on a WV all year. Might as well be consistent and keep doubting them. TCU by 10. 

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – I like Iowa State to be in this game late but once again fail to close. Sooners by 10.

Former WOI-TV Sports Director, Dave Zawilinski

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Tigers. Ole miss is banged up physically and emotionally.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – This isn’t the same Cardinal team that upset the ducks in years past. Oregon.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Baylor.  Bears cane name the score. Style points matter at this point.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – K-State.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – TCU.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Sooners win by 17.

CF Senior Writer, Rob Gray

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Rebels rebound. Ole Miss 28-24.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon’s not shaking off the effects of recent meetings that easily. SHOCKER. Stanford 31, Oregon 30.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – I say the Jayhawks keep it close. Relatively speaking. Baylor 45, Kansas 13.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Thinking the Cowboys make a run. K-State 27-21.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – Boykin goes berserk. Frogs 49-35.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Soooners maintain series dominance, but don’t cover 42-28.

Former Cyclone WR, Lane Danielsen

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) –  Auburn. I expect the Tigers to derail Ole Miss opportunity to make the playoffs.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Stanford. I have faith that Stanford’s physical, disciplined play will show upthis Saturday and cover 9.5 on the road.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Baylor. Baylor rolls big at home.  62-17

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Okie State. I think the Cowboys show and play here and keep it to a TD game.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – TCU. I like the Horned Frogs on the road with physical tough play.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Oklahoma. The Sooners are to much for us this Saturday.

ESPN Broadcaster, Chris Hassel

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Ole. Rebs won’t lose back to back games. For some reason I’m still not a believer in Auburn.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon. Ducks want to impress the voters and the Trees just aren’t that good this season.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – U serious? Why the hell are we being asked to pick this game? Baylor, I guess.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – K-State. Pretty sure I’m 0-6 when I take Okie State. I’m done.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – WVU. The Mountaineers are another team I’ve been slow to trust. I smell smoldering couches in Morgantown.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – ISU. This is the stunning Rhoads victory of 2014 (even though OU isn’t that good).

enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – I mostly want to pick Auburn but I can’t with the Rebels at home.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – I know Stanford usually plays the ducks well, I just can’t see them hanging at Autzen this year. Ducks.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – I mean, what the hell is this Willliams? Who thought picking this game would be a good idea or fun? Normally I’d roll with Kansas but I’m a bit scared that Baylor my cover by halftime. So, Bears.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – I am currently gambling on Old Man Wizard until it doesn’t work for me. K-State.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – You can never trust a man with two first names or Dana Holgorson. Can they pull another upset in Morgantown? TCU is looking unreal right now but they have to come back to earth a little bit, right? I don’t know, when in doubt go with the home dog.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Before the Texas game I was feeling a little frisky and thinking if ISU played well in Austin maybe that would snowball into a victory over the Sooners. Then the Sooners flamed out against the aforementioned Old Man Wizard in what is completely unrelated but makes me think differently about this. I think ISU will have success moving the ball but I don’t think they’ll be able to stop the run or get the turnovers needed on defense. Another close loss for Rhoads in the past 15 months.

Former Cyclone QB, Austen Arnaud

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – I like Ole Miss at home, for the simple fact that their defense has a ton of NFL talent. Look for Ole Miss to turn over Gus Malzahn’s offense a few times and get a win in a close one by a FG.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Stanford has had Oregon’s number in the past couple of years. This year is different, Stanford doesn’t have the same amount of talent as usual. Mariota gets it done here by at least 10.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – This is going to be a blood bath, Baylor scores early and often and starters are on the bench in the 4th.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Very similar line to Kansas State’s game last week against Texas. Again I think Kansas State is a very good football team but the Cowboys cover.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – I like TCU in this one for the simple fact that they hold their own destiny. And if they win out they should be in the four team playoff. Plus, Boykin is one hell of a player

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Unfortunately I don’t like where this game falls on Iowa State’s schedule. Iowa State is notorious in the past few years for not being up for 11 AM kickoffs. I think Oklahoma covers the 16 but it’s a closer game than most think.

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Doing all of my picks like political attack ads because if you can’t avoid them, might as well embrace them.

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Bo Wallace is bad for you, he is bad for America.  Auburn 27 Ole Miss 24.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – What kind of institution would have a tree as a mascot? It is time for this tree to leave. Paid for by Ducks fly together PAC. Oregon 37 Stanford 17. 

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Art Briles will stand up for you. Even when faced with a ridiculously easy game, he isn’t afraid to run up the score. That’s the type of man America needs. Baylor 57 Kansas 14.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – This grainy surveillance footage shows Bill Snyder in line at Taco Bell at one in the morning, missing an important vote for our future. Would you trust a man more concerned with fourth-meal than the fourth generation of our children? Vote Gundy. K-State 31 Oklahoma State 21.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – If TCU is willing to punch in a meaningless TD to score 80 points in a game, imagine what they could do to your hard-earned Medicare. If it was up to TCU, they would punch in a different 80-something…our elderly. West Virginia 34 TCU 31.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Bob Stoops wears a visor even when it is raining. His lack of concern for his whole head means he can’t possibly care about the whole of America. Meanwhile, Paul Rhoads wears a full hat like a true American. That’s someone we all can trust. Oklahoma 34 Iowa State 27.   

WHO-TV Meteorologist, Brett McIntyre

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Auburn. 6-0 last week and 11-1 the last 2, take these to the bank.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon. May not bank their usual number of points, but they’ll shake off Stanford at home.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Kansas. Baylor hasn’t been putting up the huge blowouts this year, I think the Jayhawks can cover this.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Kansas State. Cowboys unraveling, the Wizard is rolling.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – TCU. This should be the most entertaining game of the week. TCU covers the one score and creeps closer to the playoffs.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Oklahoma. Picking this one with both teams coming off a bye is especially tough. The Sooners’ frustration, plus history push me their way.  

Former Cyclone WR, Jack Whitver

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Ole Miss coming off a tough loss at Death Valley rebounds with a big win over Auburn. Rebels win by 3 to cover.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon playing well and playing for a spot in the playoff…Ducks roll at home to cover spread. 

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Baylor is furious that TCU put up 82 last week. Baylor puts up 83 to beat the record and beat the spread!

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – I don’t think KSU is elite, but they continue to win. I’m not going to bet against Bill Synder at home…KSU by 17 to cover. 

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – The best game of the weekend…Game Day on hand in what will be a classic Big 12 shootout. TCU comes up with a HUGE road win by 7 to cover and put themselves in the playoff picture.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – ISU hasn’t beat Oklahoma at home since my dad was 5 years old. OU wins by 17 to cover.

Former Cyclone LB, Adam Carper

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Auburn.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Although Stanford is down this year, they always play Oregon tough.  Stanford covers.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – To keep their playoff hopes alive, Baylor needs to win out convincingly and yes that means covering the crazy 36 point spread this week.  Baylor

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Okie State.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – TCU.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Already with 2 losses, the Sooners probably don’t think they have much left to play for in the season.  Cyclones keep the game competitive through the end and cover. 

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Coming off of last week, I don’t see how the Rebels lose this game. Ole Miss wins 27-24.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – All trends point to Stanford here but the line has moved five points (it’s now at 8). I’ll take the Ducks by 10, 31-21.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Art Briles is 19-3 at home since 2011. However, Kansas has covered in every game since canning Weis. A focused group of Bears wins by 42. Baylor ,56-14.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – OSU is 0-4-1 vs. the line in its last five. Bill Snyder is 14-5 in his last 19 home games. Kansas State 35, Oklahoma State 20.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – Line keeps moving down (it’s now at 4). Morgantown scares me but I’m buying into TCU being the class of the Big 12. I’ll take the Horned Frogs by a 38-31 final.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Quietly, Iowa State is 5-1-1 vs. the spread this season and 4-0-1 as an underdog. Oklahoma wins by the Cyclones will cover. Sooners 42, Iowa State 31  

KXNO Host/Producer, Andrew Downs

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Ole Miss. A coaching mistake away from being 8-0, trying to keep up with the in-state rivals. 

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon. Stanford has lost to every good team it has played, and they’ve got a good one this week.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Baylor. Bears might triple their scoring output from last week.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – OK State. Wildcats won’t pitch consecutive shutouts. They may win, but this is too many points.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – TCU. Really excited for this game, not confident in my pick, but going with the gut.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Oklahoma. Just too good. 

Former Cyclone K, Bret Culbertson

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Absolutely cannot wait for this game. Ole Miss has been fun to watch, but I think the Tigers find a way to kick them while there down after a loss last week. Gus and crew get it done.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – I’ll go along with the 2 score spread here. Stanford has had some close ones- I don’t think they can pull this one off either.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Wow. I believe it, but it’s still hard for me to stomache that number. Jayhawks.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – K-State.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – After the lashing they handed Tech last week, TCU is in beast mode. Frogs.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Heart breaking loss for Sooner kicker Michael Hunnicutt last week. I’d still consider him one of the best college kickers playing right now. Every kicker has their bad days. This is that moment in his career where we find out if he has the mental makeup to play on Sundays. Netten, on the other hand is on a role. As far as picks go, I can’t go against the Clones!

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Meyer

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-2.5) – Auburn.

Stanford @ Oregon (-9.5) – Oregon.

Kansas @ Baylor (-36) – Baylor.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-14) – Okie State.

TCU (-6) @ West Virginia – TCU.

Oklahoma (-16) @ Iowa State – Iowa State.


Kirk Haaland


Kirk has been a contributor at Cyclone Fanatic since the fall of 2009 and is a lifelong Cyclone fan. He eventually started his own website,, where he cultivated an interest in statistical analysis and historical Iowa State football and basketball data. In 2014, Kirk came to Fanatic and housed his works here. In 2015 he launched a new website,, as the co-founder. There you can find in depth analysis of all things involving advanced statistical analysis in college football for every FBS program. Kirk graduated from Iowa State University in 2006 with a degree in Industrial Technology and has worked as a Manufacturing/Quality Engineer ever since. He's married to his wife, Kelley, and has three daughters, Hannah, Hayley, and Kinley (plus his Golden Retriever, Clyde).

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