11-29 Bowl Breakdown

It’s now been over a week since the Iowa State football team has stepped foot on a field but the bowl picture is starting to clear up for the Cyclones as of Sunday night.

After yesterday’s Oklahoma State’s loss mixed with a Missouri win over Kansas, it appears as if the Cyclones will be participating in either this year’s Texas Bowl or the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl. is projecting an Iowa State match-up with Navy in the Texas Bowl, on Dec. 31 at 2:30, on ESPN. Again, that is only our projection. It could still go either way. Nothing will be official until next Sunday evening.

Many other publications feel that the Cyclones will be playing in Shreveport against a team from the SEC. is projecting that Independence Bowl contest against former Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers.

Along with CBS,’s Tim Griffin is projecting a trip to Shreveport for Iowa State as well. However, writers Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman are projecting the Texas Bowl. Of course, all of these guesses could be thrown out the window if Nebraska would upset Texas in next week’s Big 12 championship game.

Chris’ Take

Honestly, I think that all Cyclone fans should just be ecstatic that their team is going to play another game. I have this attitude because of the scare that Kansas tossed our way yesterday.

Whether it is Shreveport or Houston, it’s like I wrote three weeks ago. With this team, in year one of the Paul Rhoads era, a bowl game is a bowl game is a bowl game is a bowl game.

I personally think that Iowa State will end up in Houston. There’s nothing to complain about there. The weather should be great. Navy, though very tough, is a beatable opponent. Houston is in the heart of Iowa State’s recruiting territory. The game is on ESPN. There are a lot of positives that come with playing in the Texas Bowl.

You then have Shreveport. I think that we all can agree that the location isn’t comparable to Houston. What the Independence Bowl brings is more national exposure. The Cyclones would face an SEC opponent, possibly their former coach Gene Chizik. The Independence Bowl is the only game on Dec. 28 so the entire nation would be watching. There are a lot of positives with this perspective contest as well.

We at least do know one thing for sure. The Cyclones will not get snubbed in 2009. A bowl game is definitely in this team’s future.


Cyclone Fanatic